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Vistaprint Checks: (Personal, Reorder, Business) Reviews, Cost, Coupon!

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You probably know Vistaprint best for their business cards, but you might know they also print dozens of other products including everything from face masks to personal checks.

In fact, they sell a number of types of secure personal and business checks including wallet checks, 3-to-1-page checks, computer checks. we recently ordered our bank checks from Vistaprint and got a pretty good deal. If you are considering ordering Vistaprint checks, check out today’s best coupons posted here to get the best price. Here’s our review.

vistaprint checks coupon

Vistaprint checks: Designs | Business Checks | Reviews | Cost | Coupon

Personal Check Designs: (New or Reorder)

The first thing you’ll do when ordering Vistaprint checks is to choose a design. Here are some of their most popular personal check designs:

As you can see, Vistaprint check designs are practical, but nothing really special. Note that some of these Vistaprint checks, like the Van Gogh design, include multiple designs in one book:

vistaprint check designs van gogh

These are nice, but because we prefer a simple design, ordered the plain blue checks with thin lines. I mean, some people apparently like to see Bugs Bunny or kittens while they are writing a check to the IRS, but not us! View all Vistaprint check designs.

After you select a check design, it’s really easy to customize with your personal and bank info:

Vistaprint Business Checks

You’ll have basically the same design options for wallet business checks. They also have 3-to-1 page business checks in simple designs:

vistaprint business checks
vistaprint business checks

These a professional side-tear checks for business punched to fit a 7-ring check binder.

How to Customize Vistaprint Checks:

When you customize your checks, you can change the font and also add an accent image or monogram:

vistaprint checks accent image

Next, you’ll need 3 things to customize your Vistaprint checks:

  1. Routing / Transit Number: A 9-digit number that identifies your bank or financial institution
  2. Account Number: Your bank checking account number including any dashes and spaces
  3. Check Number: The starting number for the checks. Usually starting just after the number of your previous checkbook

You can find this info on an old check or in your online banking info:

vistaprint checks review info

Vistaprint asks you to check a box stating that the info is correct in the proof. You won’t want any typos or your checks will likely be useless! You’ll also have the option to add checkbooks to any order.

Customer Reviews:

With an overall satisfaction score of 81% from thousands of reviews, most customers are very happy with their Vistaprint checks. You can see each customer rating and read individual reviews on the checks product page. Here’s what customer say about their checks:

vistaprint checks reviews

What I found from personal experience that was also repeated in reviews for Vistaprint checks is that these are cheap, secure, basic personal or business checks. There are limited design options but they get the job done and come from a very reputable company. If you want more design options I recommend Checks Unlimited.


Don’t ever pay full-price for Vistaprint checks, as there is always a coupon or promo code available. Here is the pricing for Vistaprint checks and business checks (wallet) with their 25% off coupon applied:

I recommend adding duplicate checks, as it makes bookkeeping a lot easier. Speaking of Vistaprint checks coupons:

Coupon: (New Customers or Reorder)

What is the best coupon for Vistaprint checks? That depends on your order total and if you are a new customer. Currently, the featured coupon is for 20% off + new customers also get free shipping on $50+:

vistaprint checks coupon


How much do Vistaprint checks cost?

Checks start at $4 for a book of 25 and cost less per check when you buy larger quantities. Save on the cost when you use a coupon!

What’s the best coupon for checks?

Vistaprint has a coupon for 20% off new checks or reorder. We also list their best coupons each day for up to 25% off + free shipping.

Does Vistaprint make business checks?

Yes. Vistaprint makes custom business checks including wallet, 3-to-1 page, and computer checks.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our Vistaprint checks review!

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Vistaprint DISPOSABLE Face Masks (Custom Label!) Review

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Small Business changed almost overnight with the onset of Covid-19. While you probably aren’t going to be handing out a lot of business cards, you most certainly are going to need disposable masks. Vistaprint didn’t waste much time making an impressive pivot in their business and started making Covid-19 supplies almost immediately.

Masks are probably the most important and popular form of personal protective supplies, and Vistaprint is now making several kinds of them including reusable face masks, face shields, and these disposable face masks with a custom label. Here’s our review! If you

Vistaprint disposable masks: About | Reviews | Cost | Coupon | Faqs

vistaprint disposable masks coupon

About Vistaprint Disposable Masks

Sure, you can buy single-use, disposable, surgical masks, or paper n95 face masks at a myriad of places. However, you can imagine that the faster these disposable masks are churned out by fly-by-night companies, the worse the quality. In fact, the irony is that many of these poorly-made disposable masks come from China! (yikes!)

For this reason, it should give you peace of mind to order protective equipment from a venerable American brand like Vistaprint. Another feature that sets Vistaprint disposable masks apart from other one-time use masks is that they include a custom label:

vistaprint custom logo disposable face masks

This makes these disposable masks great for giving to small business employees or customers. You can customize the label with your business name, logo, or a positive message of support.

Tip: You can NOT customize the actual masks! A number of customers who wrote bad reviews for the disposable masks did not understand this.

They are also great for your small business to have on hand for the inevitable times when customers or employees show up not wearing a mask. Instead of offending them by asking them to leave, simply offer them a disposable mask for one-time use.

You can even give each of your employees a pack of these custom disposable masks as a gesture of goodwill.

vistaprint disposable masks
vistaprint disposable masks woman
vistaprint disposable paper msks

As you can see, these are not the surgical or paper n95 masks that scream “pandemic!’ Instead, they are made of triple-layered polypropylene with elastic earloops in a clear plastic packaging.

*View them at

Disposable Masks Reviews:

The packaging label for Vistaprint disposable masks is easy to customize.

how to design disposable mask vistaprint

You can read customer reviews on the disposable masks product page:

As you can see, these are brand-new product so few reviews are available as I’m writing this. You can check the latest reviews here!


Vistaprint disposable masks for one-time use are sold in packs of 10 costing $9.99 each. There is no price change or discount for buying in disposable masks in bulk. However, you can also use a coupon to reduce the price by 20%. (see below!)


vistaprint disposable masks coupon

View all coupons here.

To use this discount, just click for the promo code. Then, enter the code at checkout like this:

disposable mask coupon applied


How much do Vistaprint disposable masks cost? 😷

Each package contains 10 masks and costs $9.99 before coupon

Can you customize these masks?

You can customize the label with a logo or business name, but NOT the disposable masks themselves.

Can you reuse these masks?

These disposable masks are meant for one-time use only

Are Vistaprint disposable face masks PPE?

These masks are not approved as PPE (personal protective equipment) by the FDA but are authorized as EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) to slow the spread of Covid-19

These disposable masks are brand new! As soon as the customer reviews start coming in, we’ll be sure to update this page. Thanks for stopping by Mighty Small Biz!

vistaprint face shields

Vistaprint Face Shields: Our Review, Pricing + Coupon!

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There are a number of jobs that require going beyond simply wearing a mask, and a plastic face shield may be needed. In fact, the reality is that a myriad of small businesses from healthcare to grocery stores will now have to equip their employees with face shields.

The good news is that there is no longer a shortage of face shields, as Vistaprint recently pivoted away from making signs and banners and is now using the same machines to produce 100k face shields each week!

Here’s a review of what you should know about Vistaprint face shields before ordering:

Vistaprint face shields: About | Review | Cost | Coupon

vistaprint face shields coupon
  • -

    New customers also get free shipping on $50+!

Just click above to apply a 20% discount to your entire order at New accounts also get free shipping on $50+ orders! View all Vistaprint coupons here

Vistaprint Face Shields:

These face shields are 8.75 x 13″ in size and made from durable clear plastic. You can comfortably wear these shields over any face mask including the ones made by Vistaprint.

Here’s what the face shields look like when worn:

vistaprint face shield wear
vistaprint face shield pic man

These shields are designed for personal use, and while they may prove to be effective protective wear the public and health care providers, they are not regulated by the FDA as PPE (personal protective equipment)

vistaprint face shields woman

My Thoughts: The woman wearing the Vistaprint face shield has a really interesting expression. It’s like she’s trying to smile after realizing she stepped in something really squishy. Anyway, her expression seems to just about capture how I’ve felt during this Coronavirus pandemic, ha, ha.

Face Shield Reviews: (Visors)

Our review: Vistaprint protective face shields come pre-assembled with a foam band, elastic headband, and visor:

vistaprint face shields review

Vistaprint just started selling face shields, so reviews are scant so far. However, you can read face shield reviews from verified Vistaprint customers on the actual product page:

vistaprint face shields reviews

Vistaprint face shields score highly in customer ratings so far, so we’ll keep an eye on what customers say as more reviews come in.

vistaprint face shield customer review

Face Shields Cost:

Face shields cost $4 each and are sold in packs of 10 for $40. You can purchase up to 500 face shields at once. If you want to order more than 500 shields you can contact Vistaprint about bulk pricing here. You can save 20% on the cost and get free shipping when you use a coupon.


Here’s Vistaprint’s featured coupon for their face shields. (You can find all coupons here).

vistaprint face shields coupon

Just enter the promo code in your shopping cart like this:

face shields coupon vistaprint


How much do Vistaprint face shields cost?

Face shields are sold in packs of 10 for $40 (before discount)

Can you wear a mask underneath the shields? 😷

Yes, the face shields fit over glasses or face masks

Are Vistaprint face shields reusable?

Vistaprint recommends using each shield once, and discarding after use or contamination.

Are Vistaprint face shields PPE?

These shields are designed for use in public and non-medical settings and not FDA-regulated as personal protective gear

Vistaprint Donates 100k Face Shields!

News: Vistaprint Donates 100k Face Shields to healthcare facilities story


These face shields (visors) from Vistaprint are very new but already being employed by thousands of small businesses and healthcare workers. As more customer reviews come in for these disposable clear face shields, we will be sure to update the review section with helpful tips and feedback.

If you are thinking of buying face shields, here’s a promo code for a sweet discount:

vistaprint face masks

Vistaprint Face Masks: Reviews, Pre-Order Cost + Coupon (Kids, Too!)

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Vistaprint face masks: We all know that coronavirus, aka Covid-19, isn’t going to be history for a while. However, searching for the right face mask online is a bit of a rabbit hole. Personally I’ve spent hours looking for an effective face mask that is comfortable and stylish. Ironically, a lot of the facemasks you find on Amazon and those ever-present online ads are poorly made in China. (Yikes!)

Recently well-known American company, Vistaprint, stepped up to create clear plastic face shields, disposable masks, plus these fashionable filtered face masks for adults and kids in fun patterns. I mean, come on, your face mask doesn’t have to scream, “pandemic!” It can actually work well and look good at the same time.

Here is Vistaprint’s new filtered face mask. Check out all these great designs and, including floral patterns, and fun designs for kids. All face masks ship free this month in U.S. and Canada!

Vistaprint masks: designs | kids | review | cost | coupon

Vistaprint Face Masks:

vistaprint face mask floral print
vistaprint face mask men design
vistaprint filtered face masks

Face Mask Designs: (Men & Women)

Just click any face mask design to view larger:

vistaprint face masks promo free shipping

*View all designs at and get free shipping this month:

Kids’ Face Mask Designs, Patterns:

vistaprint kids face masks

Click any of these Vistaprint kids’ filtered face mask designs to view larger:

What ages do kids masks fit? We called Vistaprint and asked what ages these kids masks are appropriate for, and they responded that the kids’ masks can fit children from ages 5-13. They added that the adjustable straps can be used to make kids’ masks fit small children, or to make adult masks fit teenagers.

*View all kids’ designs at

Vistaprint Face Mask Reviews?

Vistaprint RNS (Replaceable Nanofilter System) masks are made for comfort and style. The masks feature reinforced stitching, certified materials, and made with a soft durable 100% cotton anti-allergenic inner layer and electrostatic absorption cloth.

Are Vistaprint masks good? Most reusable face masks that you see online look floppy and ill-fitting. However, Vistaprint’s face masks are contoured to fit your face including a nose bridge and chin structure plus adjustable straps for a snug fit.

Their filtration blocks airborne contaminants without trapping moisture. The replaceable filter lasts up to 12 hours and is easily replaced.

What size are Vistaprint face masks? The mask dimensions are:

  • Adult: 24 x 15cm (9.44 x 5.9 in.)
  • Kids: 19 x 12 cm (7.5 x 4.72 in.)


vistaprint face mask covering floral pattern

Are Vistaprint face masks washable? Yes, you can wash by hand or in a washing machine with a gentle cycle and natural detergent. Air dry or machine dry on low heat. The replacement filters are not washable.

How much do Vistaprint face masks cost? 😷

Adult filtered face masks cost $18, and kids are $13 each w/ free delivery this month

Are filters included with the face masks?

Only one filter is included for each Vistaprint mask that you purchase. Replacement filters are available in packs of 10 for $10.

Is there a coupon for Vistaprint masks?

Promo codes don’t work towards reusable masks, but you can get free shipping now!

Are Vistaprint masks made in the USA?

Not really. The face masks are made in Mexico or China and then printed and shipped from Reno, Nevada.

Are Vistaprint masks PPE? (Personal protective equipment) No, Vistaprint masks are for personal use and not intended for use in hospitals or by health care professionals. *Learn more about personal protective equipment at

Are Vistaprint masks available in Canada? Not yet, but they will soon be featured among their Covid-19 products here

How long do face masks take to ship? Vistaprint ships masks free at Economy speed which is 5-8 business days. You can see Vistaprint shipping speeds and cost here

Our Review:

When I saw that Vistaprint is making face masks, I immediately wanted to get one for us and our kids. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea, as thousands of others pre-ordered their facemasks which started shipping at the end of May 2020.

vistaprint mask order

Update: Our face masks and filters just arrived! So, we’ll put our full video review here ASAP. We’ll also closely check customer reviews for Vistaprint face masks on to see what other men and women say about them. Check back soon!

vistaprint face masks and filters


How much do Vistaprint face masks cost? Adult masks are priced at $18 each, while kids’ masks cost $13 each. Replaceable filters are sold in packs of 10 for $10. If you need more than 25 masks you can contact Vistaprint customer support for a bulk discount.

Vistaprint Face Mask Coupon

Is there a coupon for Vistaprint masks? Because these face masks are so popular it appears that you can’t enter a promo code at checkout for a discount. However, the good news is that Vistaprint offers free shipping on all face masks.

vistaprint face masks promotion free ship

This promotion may change after the pre-order period ends, so check our Vistaprint coupons page for the latest promotions.

Vistaprint is donating 10% of all face mask sales to support local businesses.

Face Masks from Vistaprint: Helping Small Businesses Get Back to Work!

The coronavirus greatly affected all of our lives. While this has had a profound effect on our lives and businesses, the world can’t just stop. Until an effective vaccine is available for everyone our lives will continue to be different. The good news is that we can take steps to get back to our “normal” lives. One big step is wearing a face mask in public.

My family and I realized that we can get back to doing some of the things we love to do, but we just have to be smart. This includes having our whole family, including the kids, wear face masks, and use hand sanitizer wherever we go. That’s OK, we can deal with that! That means millions of Americans are going to need proper facemasks for venturing out, conducting business, and traveling.

Thanks for stopping by Mighty Small Biz, and check back soon for our full Vistaprint face mask review. You can view all Vistaprint face masks here!

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vistaprint postcard mailing

Vistaprint Postcard Mailing Services | Review + Coupon

vistaprint logo square

Connecting with local customers through direct mail can be an effective marketing tool. You might even find that sending postcards directly to potential customers is cheaper and a better return on investment than social media or pay-per-click.

Vistaprint is the online leader in custom-printed marketing products and a great option for handling your postcard direct mail campaign. (view, coupons) Here’s a review of how it works:

Vistaprint Postcard Mailing Service

Tip: You can use a coupon for up to a 50% discount and free shipping on postcards and direct mailing services! View coupons

With all the resources that are available to small businesses, it can be overwhelming to determine which is the best way to reach customers. An effective marketing tool to use is a direct mail campaign.

A direct mail campaign enables you to send promotional material in the mail to current and potential customers. With the help of Vistaprint’s postcard mailing service, monitoring a direct mail campaign is super-easy.

Let Vistaprint Stamp, Address, and Mail Your Postcards!

vistaprint direct mail campaign

Instead of you stamping and addressing hundreds of postcards, Vistaprint can do it for you with just a couple of clicks.

First, you create a postcard. You can use your own design or choose from a variety of templates. Next, choose a mailing list based on your target audience. You can upload your own list, or purchase a list from Vistaprint.

vistaprint postcard mailing service

Purchased lists can be customized to meet your needs based on location popular demographics and the number of addresses you want to purchase.

Then, choose your delivery options. You can even choose what to do for customers who’ve moved away. Vistaprint will handle the stamping, addressing, and mailing, and you can get back to running your small business.

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To see exactly how to order Vistaprint postcard mailing service, click here to view coupons or get started now!

*New Vistaprint shipping times and costs!

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shipping info vistaprint

Vistaprint Shipping Info: Cost & Delivery Times (Where Do They Ship From?)

Vistaprint ships thousands of orders every day. So, if you’re placing an order it’s important to know how shipping works.

Here’s what you need to know about Vistaprint shipping, including shipping options, speeds, and pricing.

Vistaprint: Shipping times | Shipping costs | Where ship from?

vistaprint business cards shipping promo
*Or, view all of today’s promotions HERE!

Vistaprint Shipping Times:

How long does Vistaprint take to ship? How long your Vistaprint order takes to deliver depends mostly on the shipping method that you choose. Here’s a review of Vistaprint’s three shipping options with estimated delivery times:

Shipping Method:Shipping Speed:
EXPRESS:3 Business Days
STANDARD:5 Business Days
ECONOMY:8 Business Days

*If your order is placed after 6pm, the delivery time is calculated from the following day.

Tip: Vistaprint does not offer overnight or 2-day shipping due to the necessary “production time” which consists of the printing process and order customization.

Delivery times include production time, including the amount of time it takes to process, print, dry, (ink) package and ship your order to you.

Once your order ships, Vistaprint will send you a shipment confirmation that includes both shipping methods and estimated delivery date. Standard and rush shipping speeds will also include a tracking number.

*Some Products take Longer to Ship

While most products ship at the estimated times above, some products take longer to deliver. Here are some popular products that take longer to print and deliver:

  • Address Labels: 5-10 business days
  • Personal Checks: 5-8 business days
  • Bags: (totes, drawstring, messenger bags, etc) 9-11 business days
  • Promotional Products: (pens, embroidered clothing, USB flash drives, etc) 9-11 business days
  • Free samples: Sample kits take 10-14 business days

How Much Does Vistaprint Shipping Cost?

Vistaprint’s shipping fees are based on your order total and shipping method choice. Here are the costs for each shipping method:

Order Total:Economy:Standard:Express:
Alaska & Hawaii:+ $3.00+ $10+ $15

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Where Does Vistaprint Ship From?

vistaprint shipping warehouse

Vistaprint is a Dutch company delivering to over 130 countries around the world. They have regional headquarters in Boston, MA, Barcelona, Span, and Sydney, and three shipping facilities for domestic (USA) and international orders.

Here’s where Vistaprint ships from:

  • Windsor, Ontario Canada (That’s across the river from Detroit, MI.) processes and ships all orders for the U.S. and Canada
  • The Venlo, Netherlands manufacturing facility handles all European / U.K. orders
  • The Victoria, Australia location delivers all Vistaprint orders to Australia


Before placing an order at Vistaprint it’s important to know all about shipping times and cost. Hopefully, we’ve given you the info you need to choose the right shipping speed so you know when your order will arrive, and how much it will cost.

Thanks for stopping by Pretty Sweet!

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vistaprint canvas reviews

Vistaprint Canvas Reviews | Quality, Cost, Coupon? My (Real) Review

vistaprint logo blue

Coupons for Canvas Prints from – Not to be confused with their cheaper cousin, “mounted prints,” premium canvas prints from Vistaprint are a beautiful way to display your favorite photos as wall art. Use a coupon below for up to a 40% discount or free shipping:

Vistaprint Canvas: Customer Reviews

Before I get into my own review for Vistaprint canvas, you should know that there are over 100 customer reviews for canvas prints on

canvas prints reviews vistaprint

Just click on the star-rating to see how customers rate Vistaprint canvas prints in areas like: Ease of Design, Product Quality, and Product Value:

vistaprint canvas reviews customer

View product reviews at

Ok, customer reviews of Vistaprint’s canvas prints are pretty positive. Now it’s time for me to design and order one myself!

Vistaprint Canvas Prints: Ok, Now My Review!

vistaprint canvas print samples

Canvas prints are a way to show off or preserve your best photos and memories. After a two-week trip up the California coastline I had no shortage of candidates to print on canvas to remember our trip and some of the breath-taking views that we saw.

*Tip: Don’t be tempted to go for the cheaper, mounted prints, which are categorized under “canvas prints” but essentially printed on thicker paper stock, not canvas!

So, here’s a review of my own experience and the final product:

#1. Don’t Pay Full Price; Always Use a Coupon Towards Their Canvas Prints!

The website displays different pricing, depending on where you arrived from. For example, if you just type their URL in and go to the site, you’ll probably pay more than if you did a 20 second search for coupons.

There is always a promo code or coupon of some sort available that works site-wide, towards photo gifts, or specifically for canvas prints. For new customers you should consider the “20% off + Free shipping on $50+ promotion, and all customers should aim for at least a 25% discount off their regular price.

Simply clicking on a promotional link will usually apply the discount, and they usually notify you which promo code has been applied as soon as you arrive on their site from a promotional link or banner.

#2. Designing Your Canvas Print

First, have a large photo ready to upload, and choose a Size for Your Canvas Print. Vistaprint offers canvas prints in these sizes:

  • 8×12, 12×12, 12×16, 16×24, or 24×36

You can print your canvas horizontally or vertically, but unlike other products, there are no design templates for canvas with borders or text. (you upload the complete design)

For the most accurate results, design your image in CMYK color mode, instead of RGB. If you have a photo-editing program like Photoshop, it’s easy to save your image in this color mode. A few reviews complain that the image printed darker than expected, which is probably due to color mode.

You can upload your image from a number of sources including Facebook or your image library if you’re a returning customer. Beware: If you do upload a photo from Facebook, make sure it is big enough! Printing of all kinds should be done at high resolution CMYK; I recommend at least 150 dpi or more. If you have the ability to work with a 300 dpi image, go with that. That means any image less than about 2500 pixels wide won’t work on any size canvas.

After you upload your image, you’ll see a preview screen like this:

vistaprint canvas design

*Tip: Always upload a high resolution photo! After choosing one or more photos, I can’t stress enough the importance of using a high-resolution photo. These canvas prints are much larger than a common 5×7 prints and holiday cards, and you can’t get away with using small photos.

If you are uploading a file from a phone or device, make sure that it’s the biggest version available. Any files showing a size less than 1mb are going to be too small.

Tip: Beware of the Safety line, and the sides of the canvas

Unlike designing and printing on a flat surface, (like posters) you have to account for your photo to wrap around the sides of the canvas. That big outer frame in the preview (shown with your photo at about 30% opacity) is the part of your photo that will wrap around the edges or be trimmed away.

  • Never leave important parts of your photo to the margins (lighter) preview area: Anything displayed there will be wrapped around the sides of the canvas, and likely be wrapped around the sides.
  • Never leave white space in the margins of the preview area. If you do, you’ll likely get white space on the side(s) of your canvas! A number of negative reviews describe these white bands, and they are easily preventable!
  • If you see a small exclamation point / warning icon under your image in preview, click on it for a message. Most likely Vistaprint is telling you your image is not high enough resolution, and may print blurry, especially at the larger canvas sizes.

By clicking on the image, you’ll get a few simple design tools like crop, move, and rotate.

Final preview of your Canvas:

vistaprint premium canvas review

You’ll once again notice the glaring reason that angry people go online writing bad reviews for Vistaprint’s canvas: you can’t see the sides on the final preview. Also, even when you click “view larger” it’s hard to see minute details, or whether your image could be blurry. (resolution too small)

At this point you should see a discounted price from the coupon

Without the use of a promo code or discount, Vistaprint’s canvases are relatively expensive. Companies like Shutterfly (get promo codes) and Snapfish (get promo codes here) and even art to frames (get coupons) have raised the bar on canvas quality, and the prices have really come down. The retail price of my 16×24″ canvas is $93, which is too expensive.

After applying a 20% off + free shipping promotion, the cost comes down to about $75, which is more competitive.

vistaprint canvas print

#3. Review: My canvas Shipped in 8 days, and looks really good!

As mentioned, the bar has been raised for custom-printed canvas online, so no major brands are printing poor quality. I notice that the photo is about a quarter-inch or so off-center from the preview, which doesn’t matter for my landscape photo of the California coast. This might be an issue if you rely on text or people’s heads being near the edges of the canvas. Give yourself a little extra room to the edge so that you have everything important with at least an inch or two of margin around the sides.

Print quality: The quality of the photo is really sharp! The colors look really vibrant, too. I uploaded my photo at 300 dpi, which means that the largest dimension of my file was a massive 7200 pixels wide! That’s a lot bigger than any Facebook or Instagram images, so be careful importing from there.

The canvas is wrapped around sides neatly and stapled for ‘a no frame’ look, which looks good on the wall. It also saves you from having to buy a nice 16×24″ frame for your print. The images are printed “full bleed,” which means that unless something went wrong during the design phase, you’ll see no white area at the edges.

Conclusion: Vistaprint is good, but not the best for printing on canvas

At the end of the day, I recommend Easy Canvas Prints (review, coupons) for the best combination of price & quality for custom printed canvas. Remember, just like Vistaprint, you should always use a coupon!

Tip: If you are not happy with your canvas for any reason, write an honest & helpful, negative review on, and they will likely credit your account with the purchase amount. Hopefully this is not the case, as Vistaprint has adjusted their online design process to fix the white space issue that was creating problems and garnering poor reviews.

[yasr_overall_rating] – Review by Kevin M.

canvas design ideas

Ready to Print Your Photo on Canvas? Design Ideas & Inspiration

Here are some neat canvas design ideas on pinterest including designing a collage of canvas prints, as well as some nice black and white inspiration for canvas from Shutterfly.

Vistaprint: How To Assemble Your Banner Stand (H, L, X Stands)

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How to assemble Vistaprint banner stands: Banners are great for trade shows and presentations, and the stand comes with a convenient carrying case for easy transport.

We have exclusive coupons for all Vistaprint products, including banners, for a 25-50% discount and free shipping. OK, now, let’s talk about banner assembly! 

If you ordered a banner from Vistaprint you’re going to have to do the assembly at home. It’s a little confusing, but the good news is that we have instructional videos to show you exactly how to assemble your banner stand.

There are a few kinds of banners, so see below on how to assemble each type of stand:

H Banner Stand: Assembly Instructions

Here are video instructions for assembling the H banner stand:

The H banner stand is compatible with vertical banners in these sizes: 2.5×4′, 2.5×6′, and 2.5×8′

The H banner stand includes 2 frames, 4 frame hooks, 1 base, 1 telescopic pole, and 1 extension pole.

L Banner Stand: Assembly Instructions

Here’s how to assemble the L banner stand:

The L banner stand is compatible with 2.5 x 4′, 2.5 x 6′, and 2.5 x 8′ banner sizes.

What’s included? The L banner stand includes a top banner frame, 3 extension poles, a top banner frame, and a top pole.

X Banner Stand: Assembly Instructions

Here’s how to put the X banner stand together:

The Vistaprint X banner stand is compatible with vertical banner sizes: 2.5′ x 8′, 2.5′ x 6′, and 2.5′ x 4′ (no extension poles needed). This banner stand size is great for trade shows, presentations, and indoor signage.

What’s included? The X banner stand includes a tripod base, 2 extension poles, and 2 hooked poles.

Hopefully those videos make it clear on how to assemble your new Vistaprint banner and stand! Have You Ordered Yet? 

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If you have already ordered a banner, but haven’t received it yet, we have info on cost and times for Vistaprint shipping, too.

Vistaprint Business Cards: Which Paper Stock Is Best For You?

vistaprint logo blueVistaprint paper stock options for business cards: If you are printing business cards at Vistaprint, you’ll need to choose a card stock. But, which paper stock is best for your business cards?

Here’s a brief, helpful video to help you decide which paper stock to choose:

Best Paper Stock for Your Business Cards:

Get the Best Deal!

Regardless of which card stock you choose, here are the best deals for business cards:

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  2. Standard Business Cards: 500 for $10
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Business Cards: Vistaprint’s Paper Stock Options

Vistaprint offers four signature paper stocks: glossy, matte, linen, and recycled matte. They also offer two ultra-thick papers: coated, and uncoated.

Here are your paper stock options:

Business Cards: Signature glossy

vistaprint business cards paper signature glossy

Vistaprint business cards paper stock: signature glossy

Signature glossy business cards have a really lustrous coating, shiny coating that reflects the light and is really eye catching. This really brings attention to any images or logos that are on your business cards.

Business Cards: Signature Matte Paper Stock

vistaprint business cards paper signature matte

Vistaprint business cards paper stock: signature matte

The signature matte is a simple but professional look. Matte has a dull finish, and doesn’t reflect the light and look shiny like Vistaprint’s glossy business cards. Matte is also great for instances when you need to write on the back of your business cards, which a lot of people find practical.

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Business Cards: Signature Linen Paper Stock

Vistaprint business cards paper stock: signature linen

Vistaprint business cards paper stock: signature linen

Linen feels different than glossy and matte, and has a cross-woven nature that you feel as soon as you touch the business cards.  It’s also visually very impactful because you can see that there’s something different about the card stock.

If you’re in the design business, offer personal services, or sell crafts, you might want to consider this very personal, almost hand printed paper stock. Linen paper stock gives a feeling of intimacy and personal connection.

*Did you know you can get free samples from Vistaprint?

Business Cards: Signature Recycled Matte

vistaprint business cards signature recycled

Vistaprint business cards: signature recycled matte

Not only are Vistaprint’s signature recycled matte business cards made from 100% recycled paper, but even the paper mill where they are made uses only renewable energy.

*Have you seen their Kraft paper? It’s rough, recycled brown paper stock.

Business Cards: Ultra-Thick Coated Paper Stock

vistaprint ultra thick coated paper stock

Vistaprint ultra thick coated paper stock

Ultra-thick business cards are the thickest paper stock that Vistaprint offers, and they really make an impact with customers.

Business Cards: Ultra-Thick Uncoated

Vistaprint has an exclusive process that integrates a technology from the paper supplier to the post-printing process to achieve a printing quality that no other company can achieve on such thick paper.

Which Paper Stock Should You Choose for Your Business Cards?

Every business is different, and no one paper stock is best for everyone. Vistaprint believes that business cards have the ability to tell your business’ story, so how will you tell yours?
We recently tried out their business cards, and wrote a review here.

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