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Vistaprint DISPOSABLE Face Masks (Custom Label!) Review

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Small Business changed almost overnight with the onset of Covid-19. While you probably aren’t going to be handing out a lot of business cards, you most certainly are going to need disposable masks. Vistaprint didn’t waste much time making an impressive pivot in their business and started making Covid-19 supplies almost immediately.

Masks are probably the most important and popular form of personal protective supplies, and Vistaprint is now making several kinds of them including reusable face masks, face shields, and these disposable face masks with a custom label. Here’s our review! If you

Vistaprint disposable masks: About | Reviews | Cost | Coupon | Faqs

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About Vistaprint Disposable Masks

Sure, you can buy single-use, disposable, surgical masks, or paper n95 face masks at a myriad of places. However, you can imagine that the faster these disposable masks are churned out by fly-by-night companies, the worse the quality. In fact, the irony is that many of these poorly-made disposable masks come from China! (yikes!)

For this reason, it should give you peace of mind to order protective equipment from a venerable American brand like Vistaprint. Another feature that sets Vistaprint disposable masks apart from other one-time use masks is that they include a custom label:

vistaprint custom logo disposable face masks

This makes these disposable masks great for giving to small business employees or customers. You can customize the label with your business name, logo, or a positive message of support.

Tip: You can NOT customize the actual masks! A number of customers who wrote bad reviews for the disposable masks did not understand this.

They are also great for your small business to have on hand for the inevitable times when customers or employees show up not wearing a mask. Instead of offending them by asking them to leave, simply offer them a disposable mask for one-time use.

You can even give each of your employees a pack of these custom disposable masks as a gesture of goodwill.

vistaprint disposable masks
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vistaprint disposable paper msks

As you can see, these are not the surgical or paper n95 masks that scream “pandemic!’ Instead, they are made of triple-layered polypropylene with elastic earloops in a clear plastic packaging.

*View them at vistaprint.com/disposable-face-masks

Disposable Masks Reviews:

The packaging label for Vistaprint disposable masks is easy to customize.

how to design disposable mask vistaprint

You can read customer reviews on the disposable masks product page:

As you can see, these are brand-new product so few reviews are available as I’m writing this. You can check the latest reviews here!


Vistaprint disposable masks for one-time use are sold in packs of 10 costing $9.99 each. There is no price change or discount for buying in disposable masks in bulk. However, you can also use a coupon to reduce the price by 20%. (see below!)


vistaprint disposable masks coupon

View all coupons here.

To use this discount, just click for the promo code. Then, enter the code at checkout like this:

disposable mask coupon applied


How much do Vistaprint disposable masks cost? 😷

Each package contains 10 masks and costs $9.99 before coupon

Can you customize these masks?

You can customize the label with a logo or business name, but NOT the disposable masks themselves.

Can you reuse these masks?

These disposable masks are meant for one-time use only

Are Vistaprint disposable face masks PPE?

These masks are not approved as PPE (personal protective equipment) by the FDA but are authorized as EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) to slow the spread of Covid-19

These disposable masks are brand new! As soon as the customer reviews start coming in, we’ll be sure to update this page. Thanks for stopping by Mighty Small Biz!

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Vistaprint Face Shields: Our Review, Pricing + Coupon!

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There are a number of jobs that require going beyond simply wearing a mask, and a plastic face shield may be needed. In fact, the reality is that a myriad of small businesses from healthcare to grocery stores will now have to equip their employees with face shields.

The good news is that there is no longer a shortage of face shields, as Vistaprint recently pivoted away from making signs and banners and is now using the same machines to produce 100k face shields each week!

Here’s a review of what you should know about Vistaprint face shields before ordering:

Vistaprint face shields: About | Review | Cost | Coupon

vistaprint face shields coupon
  • -

    New customers also get free shipping on $50+!

Just click above to apply a 20% discount to your entire order at vistaprint.com. New accounts also get free shipping on $50+ orders! View all Vistaprint coupons here

Vistaprint Face Shields:

These face shields are 8.75 x 13″ in size and made from durable clear plastic. You can comfortably wear these shields over any face mask including the ones made by Vistaprint.

Here’s what the face shields look like when worn:

vistaprint face shield wear
vistaprint face shield pic man

These shields are designed for personal use, and while they may prove to be effective protective wear the public and health care providers, they are not regulated by the FDA as PPE (personal protective equipment)

vistaprint face shields woman

My Thoughts: The woman wearing the Vistaprint face shield has a really interesting expression. It’s like she’s trying to smile after realizing she stepped in something really squishy. Anyway, her expression seems to just about capture how I’ve felt during this Coronavirus pandemic, ha, ha.

Face Shield Reviews: (Visors)

Our review: Vistaprint protective face shields come pre-assembled with a foam band, elastic headband, and visor:

vistaprint face shields review

Vistaprint just started selling face shields, so reviews are scant so far. However, you can read face shield reviews from verified Vistaprint customers on the actual product page:

vistaprint face shields reviews

Vistaprint face shields score highly in customer ratings so far, so we’ll keep an eye on what customers say as more reviews come in.

vistaprint face shield customer review

Face Shields Cost:

Face shields cost $4 each and are sold in packs of 10 for $40. You can purchase up to 500 face shields at once. If you want to order more than 500 shields you can contact Vistaprint about bulk pricing here. You can save 20% on the cost and get free shipping when you use a coupon.


Here’s Vistaprint’s featured coupon for their face shields. (You can find all coupons here).

vistaprint face shields coupon

Just enter the promo code in your shopping cart like this:

face shields coupon vistaprint


How much do Vistaprint face shields cost?

Face shields are sold in packs of 10 for $40 (before discount)

Can you wear a mask underneath the shields? 😷

Yes, the face shields fit over glasses or face masks

Are Vistaprint face shields reusable?

Vistaprint recommends using each shield once, and discarding after use or contamination.

Are Vistaprint face shields PPE?

These shields are designed for use in public and non-medical settings and not FDA-regulated as personal protective gear

Vistaprint Donates 100k Face Shields!

News: Vistaprint Donates 100k Face Shields to healthcare facilities story


These face shields (visors) from Vistaprint are very new but already being employed by thousands of small businesses and healthcare workers. As more customer reviews come in for these disposable clear face shields, we will be sure to update the review section with helpful tips and feedback.

If you are thinking of buying face shields, here’s a promo code for a sweet discount:

vistaprint face masks

Vistaprint Face Masks: Reviews, Pre-Order Cost + Coupon (Kids, Too!)

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Vistaprint face masks: We all know that coronavirus, aka Covid-19, isn’t going to be history for a while. However, searching for the right face mask online is a bit of a rabbit hole. Personally I’ve spent hours looking for an effective face mask that is comfortable and stylish. Ironically, a lot of the facemasks you find on Amazon and those ever-present online ads are poorly made in China. (Yikes!)

Recently well-known American company, Vistaprint, stepped up to create clear plastic face shields, disposable masks, plus these fashionable filtered face masks for adults and kids in fun patterns. I mean, come on, your face mask doesn’t have to scream, “pandemic!” It can actually work well and look good at the same time.

Here is Vistaprint’s new filtered face mask. Check out all these great designs and, including floral patterns, and fun designs for kids. All face masks ship free this month in U.S. and Canada!

Vistaprint masks: designs | kids | review | cost | coupon

Vistaprint Face Masks:

vistaprint face mask floral print
vistaprint face mask men design
vistaprint filtered face masks

Face Mask Designs: (Men & Women)

Just click any face mask design to view larger:

vistaprint face masks promo free shipping

*View all designs at vistaprint.com and get free shipping this month:

Kids’ Face Mask Designs, Patterns:

vistaprint kids face masks

Click any of these Vistaprint kids’ filtered face mask designs to view larger:

What ages do kids masks fit? We called Vistaprint and asked what ages these kids masks are appropriate for, and they responded that the kids’ masks can fit children from ages 5-13. They added that the adjustable straps can be used to make kids’ masks fit small children, or to make adult masks fit teenagers.

*View all kids’ designs at vistaprint.com

Vistaprint Face Mask Reviews?

Vistaprint RNS (Replaceable Nanofilter System) masks are made for comfort and style. The masks feature reinforced stitching, certified materials, and made with a soft durable 100% cotton anti-allergenic inner layer and electrostatic absorption cloth.

Are Vistaprint masks good? Most reusable face masks that you see online look floppy and ill-fitting. However, Vistaprint’s face masks are contoured to fit your face including a nose bridge and chin structure plus adjustable straps for a snug fit.

Their filtration blocks airborne contaminants without trapping moisture. The replaceable filter lasts up to 12 hours and is easily replaced.

What size are Vistaprint face masks? The mask dimensions are:

  • Adult: 24 x 15cm (9.44 x 5.9 in.)
  • Kids: 19 x 12 cm (7.5 x 4.72 in.)


vistaprint face mask covering floral pattern

Are Vistaprint face masks washable? Yes, you can wash by hand or in a washing machine with a gentle cycle and natural detergent. Air dry or machine dry on low heat. The replacement filters are not washable.

How much do Vistaprint face masks cost? 😷

Adult filtered face masks cost $18, and kids are $13 each w/ free delivery this month

Are filters included with the face masks?

Only one filter is included for each Vistaprint mask that you purchase. Replacement filters are available in packs of 10 for $10.

Is there a coupon for Vistaprint masks?

Promo codes don’t work towards reusable masks, but you can get free shipping now!

Are Vistaprint masks made in the USA?

Not really. The face masks are made in Mexico or China and then printed and shipped from Reno, Nevada.

Are Vistaprint masks PPE? (Personal protective equipment) No, Vistaprint masks are for personal use and not intended for use in hospitals or by health care professionals. *Learn more about personal protective equipment at fda.gov

Are Vistaprint masks available in Canada? Not yet, but they will soon be featured among their Covid-19 products here

How long do face masks take to ship? Vistaprint ships masks free at Economy speed which is 5-8 business days. You can see Vistaprint shipping speeds and cost here

Our Review:

When I saw that Vistaprint is making face masks, I immediately wanted to get one for us and our kids. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea, as thousands of others pre-ordered their facemasks which started shipping at the end of May 2020.

vistaprint mask order

Update: Our face masks and filters just arrived! So, we’ll put our full video review here ASAP. We’ll also closely check customer reviews for Vistaprint face masks on vistaprint.com to see what other men and women say about them. Check back soon!

vistaprint face masks and filters


How much do Vistaprint face masks cost? Adult masks are priced at $18 each, while kids’ masks cost $13 each. Replaceable filters are sold in packs of 10 for $10. If you need more than 25 masks you can contact Vistaprint customer support for a bulk discount.

Vistaprint Face Mask Coupon

Is there a coupon for Vistaprint masks? Because these face masks are so popular it appears that you can’t enter a promo code at checkout for a discount. However, the good news is that Vistaprint offers free shipping on all face masks.

vistaprint face masks promotion free ship

This promotion may change after the pre-order period ends, so check our Vistaprint coupons page for the latest promotions.

Vistaprint is donating 10% of all face mask sales to support local businesses.

Face Masks from Vistaprint: Helping Small Businesses Get Back to Work!

The coronavirus greatly affected all of our lives. While this has had a profound effect on our lives and businesses, the world can’t just stop. Until an effective vaccine is available for everyone our lives will continue to be different. The good news is that we can take steps to get back to our “normal” lives. One big step is wearing a face mask in public.

My family and I realized that we can get back to doing some of the things we love to do, but we just have to be smart. This includes having our whole family, including the kids, wear face masks, and use hand sanitizer wherever we go. That’s OK, we can deal with that! That means millions of Americans are going to need proper facemasks for venturing out, conducting business, and traveling.

Thanks for stopping by Mighty Small Biz, and check back soon for our full Vistaprint face mask review. You can view all Vistaprint face masks here!

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