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vistaprint face masks

Vistaprint Face Masks: Reviews, Pre-Order Cost + Coupon (Kids, Too!)

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Vistaprint face masks: We all know that coronavirus, aka Covid-19, isn’t going to be history for a while. However, searching for the right face mask online is a bit of a rabbit hole. Personally I’ve spent hours looking for an effective face mask that is comfortable and stylish. Ironically, a lot of the facemasks you find on Amazon and those ever-present online ads are poorly made in China. (Yikes!)

Recently well-known American company, Vistaprint, stepped up to create clear plastic face shields, disposable masks, plus these fashionable filtered face masks for adults and kids in fun patterns. I mean, come on, your face mask doesn’t have to scream, “pandemic!” It can actually work well and look good at the same time.

Here is Vistaprint’s new filtered face mask. Check out all these great designs and, including floral patterns, and fun designs for kids. All face masks ship free this month in U.S. and Canada!

Vistaprint masks: designs | kids | review | cost | coupon

Vistaprint Face Masks:

vistaprint face mask floral print
vistaprint face mask men design
vistaprint filtered face masks

Face Mask Designs: (Men & Women)

Just click any face mask design to view larger:

vistaprint face masks promo free shipping

*View all designs at vistaprint.com and get free shipping this month:

Kids’ Face Mask Designs, Patterns:

vistaprint kids face masks

Click any of these Vistaprint kids’ filtered face mask designs to view larger:

What ages do kids masks fit? We called Vistaprint and asked what ages these kids masks are appropriate for, and they responded that the kids’ masks can fit children from ages 5-13. They added that the adjustable straps can be used to make kids’ masks fit small children, or to make adult masks fit teenagers.

*View all kids’ designs at vistaprint.com

Vistaprint Face Mask Reviews?

Vistaprint RNS (Replaceable Nanofilter System) masks are made for comfort and style. The masks feature reinforced stitching, certified materials, and made with a soft durable 100% cotton anti-allergenic inner layer and electrostatic absorption cloth.

Are Vistaprint masks good? Most reusable face masks that you see online look floppy and ill-fitting. However, Vistaprint’s face masks are contoured to fit your face including a nose bridge and chin structure plus adjustable straps for a snug fit.

Their filtration blocks airborne contaminants without trapping moisture. The replaceable filter lasts up to 12 hours and is easily replaced.

What size are Vistaprint face masks? The mask dimensions are:

  • Adult: 24 x 15cm (9.44 x 5.9 in.)
  • Kids: 19 x 12 cm (7.5 x 4.72 in.)


vistaprint face mask covering floral pattern

Are Vistaprint face masks washable? Yes, you can wash by hand or in a washing machine with a gentle cycle and natural detergent. Air dry or machine dry on low heat. The replacement filters are not washable.

How much do Vistaprint face masks cost? ūüė∑

Adult filtered face masks cost $18, and kids are $13 each w/ free delivery this month

Are filters included with the face masks?

Only one filter is included for each Vistaprint mask that you purchase. Replacement filters are available in packs of 10 for $10.

Is there a coupon for Vistaprint masks?

Promo codes don’t work towards reusable masks, but you can get free shipping now!

Are Vistaprint masks made in the USA?

Not really. The face masks are made in Mexico or China and then printed and shipped from Reno, Nevada.

Are Vistaprint masks PPE? (Personal protective equipment) No, Vistaprint masks are for personal use and not intended for use in hospitals or by health care professionals. *Learn more about personal protective equipment at fda.gov

Are Vistaprint masks available in Canada? Not yet, but they will soon be featured among their Covid-19 products here

How long do face masks take to ship? Vistaprint ships masks free at Economy speed which is 5-8 business days. You can see Vistaprint shipping speeds and cost here

Our Review:

When I saw that Vistaprint is making face masks, I immediately wanted to get one for us and our kids. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea, as thousands of others pre-ordered their facemasks which started shipping at the end of May 2020.

vistaprint mask order

Update: Our face masks and filters just arrived! So, we’ll put our full video review here ASAP. We’ll also closely check customer reviews for Vistaprint face masks on vistaprint.com to see what other men and women say about them. Check back soon!

vistaprint face masks and filters


How much do Vistaprint face masks cost? Adult masks are priced at $18 each, while kids’ masks cost $13 each. Replaceable filters are sold in packs of 10 for $10. If you need more than 25 masks you can contact Vistaprint customer support for a bulk discount.

Vistaprint Face Mask Coupon

Is there a coupon for Vistaprint masks? Because these face masks are so popular it appears that you can’t enter a promo code at checkout for a discount. However, the good news is that Vistaprint offers free shipping on all face masks.

vistaprint face masks promotion free ship

This promotion may change after the pre-order period ends, so check our Vistaprint coupons page for the latest promotions.

Vistaprint is donating 10% of all face mask sales to support local businesses.

Face Masks from Vistaprint: Helping Small Businesses Get Back to Work!

The coronavirus greatly affected all of our lives. While this has had a profound effect on our lives and businesses, the world can’t just stop. Until an effective vaccine is available for everyone our lives will continue to be different. The good news is that we can take steps to get back to our “normal” lives. One big step is wearing a face mask in public.

My family and I realized that we can get back to doing some of the things we love to do, but we just have to be smart. This includes having our whole family, including the kids, wear face masks, and use hand sanitizer wherever we go. That’s OK, we can deal with that! That means millions of Americans are going to need proper facemasks for venturing out, conducting business, and traveling.

Thanks for stopping by Mighty Small Biz, and check back soon for our full Vistaprint face mask review. You can view all Vistaprint face masks here!

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vistaprint canvas reviews

Vistaprint Canvas Reviews | Quality, Cost, Coupon? My (Real) Review

vistaprint logo blue

Coupons for Canvas Prints from Vistaprint.com – Not to be confused with their cheaper cousin, “mounted prints,” premium canvas prints from Vistaprint are a beautiful way to display your favorite photos as wall art. Use a coupon below for up to a 40% discount or free shipping:

Vistaprint Canvas: Customer Reviews

Before I get into my own review for Vistaprint canvas, you should know that there are over 100 customer reviews for canvas prints on vistaprint.com:

canvas prints reviews vistaprint

Just click on the star-rating to see how customers rate Vistaprint canvas prints in areas like: Ease of Design, Product Quality, and Product Value:

vistaprint canvas reviews customer

View product reviews at vistaprint.com

Ok, customer reviews of Vistaprint’s canvas prints are pretty positive. Now it’s time for me to design and order one myself!

Vistaprint Canvas Prints: Ok, Now My Review!

vistaprint canvas print samples

Canvas prints are a way to show off or preserve your best photos and memories. After a two-week trip up the California coastline I had no shortage of candidates to print on canvas to remember our trip and some of the breath-taking views that we saw.

*Tip: Don’t be tempted to go for the cheaper, mounted prints, which are categorized under “canvas prints” but essentially printed on thicker paper stock, not canvas!

So, here’s a review of my own experience and the final product:

#1. Don’t Pay Full Price; Always Use a Coupon Towards Their Canvas Prints!

The Vistaprint.com website displays different pricing, depending on where you arrived from. For example, if you just type their URL in and go to the site, you’ll probably pay more than if you did a 20 second search for coupons.

There is always a promo code or coupon of some sort available that works site-wide, towards photo gifts, or specifically for canvas prints. For new customers you should consider the “20% off + Free shipping on $50+ promotion, and all customers should aim for at least a 25% discount off their regular price.

Simply clicking on a promotional link will usually apply the discount, and they usually notify you which promo code has been applied as soon as you arrive on their site from a promotional link or banner.

#2. Designing Your Canvas Print

First, have a large photo ready to upload, and choose a Size for Your Canvas Print. Vistaprint offers canvas prints in these sizes:

  • 8×12, 12×12, 12×16, 16×24, or 24×36

You can print your canvas horizontally or vertically, but unlike other products, there are no design templates for canvas with borders or text. (you upload the complete design)

For the most accurate results, design your image in CMYK color mode, instead of RGB. If you have a photo-editing program like Photoshop, it’s easy to save your image in this color mode. A few reviews complain that the image printed darker than expected, which is probably due to color mode.

You can upload your image from a number of sources including Facebook or your image library if you’re a returning customer. Beware: If you do upload a photo from Facebook, make sure it is big enough! Printing of all kinds should be done at high resolution CMYK; I recommend at least 150 dpi or more. If you have the ability to work with a 300 dpi image, go with that. That means any image less than about 2500 pixels wide won’t work on any size canvas.

After you upload your image, you’ll see a preview screen like this:

vistaprint canvas design

*Tip: Always upload a high resolution photo! After choosing one or more photos, I can’t stress enough the importance of using a high-resolution photo. These canvas prints are much larger than a common 5×7 prints and holiday cards, and you can’t get away with using small photos.

If you are uploading a file from a phone or device, make sure that it’s the biggest version available. Any files showing a size less than 1mb are going to be too small.

Tip: Beware of the Safety line, and the sides of the canvas

Unlike designing and printing on a flat surface, (like posters) you have to account for your photo to wrap around the sides of the canvas. That big outer frame in the preview (shown with your photo at about 30% opacity) is the part of your photo that will wrap around the edges or be trimmed away.

  • Never leave important parts of your photo to the margins (lighter) preview area: Anything displayed there will be wrapped around the sides of the canvas, and likely be wrapped around the sides.
  • Never leave white space in the margins of the preview area. If you do, you’ll likely get white space on the side(s) of your canvas! A number of negative reviews describe these white bands, and they are easily preventable!
  • If you see a small exclamation point / warning icon under your image in preview, click on it for a message. Most likely Vistaprint is telling you your image is not high enough resolution, and may print blurry, especially at the larger canvas sizes.

By clicking on the image, you’ll get a few simple design tools like crop, move, and rotate.

Final preview of your Canvas:

vistaprint premium canvas review

You’ll once again notice the glaring reason that angry people go online writing bad reviews for Vistaprint’s canvas: you can’t see the sides on the final preview. Also, even when you click “view larger” it’s hard to see minute details, or whether your image could be blurry. (resolution too small)

At this point you should see a discounted price from the coupon

Without the use of a promo code or discount, Vistaprint’s canvases are relatively expensive. Companies like Shutterfly (get promo codes) and Snapfish (get promo codes here) and even art to frames (get coupons) have raised the bar on canvas quality, and the prices have really come down. The retail price of my 16×24″ canvas is $93, which is too expensive.

After applying a 20% off + free shipping promotion, the cost comes down to about $75, which is more competitive.

vistaprint canvas print

#3. Review: My canvas Shipped in 8 days, and looks really good!

As mentioned, the bar has been raised for custom-printed canvas online, so no major brands are printing poor quality. I notice that the photo is about a quarter-inch or so off-center from the preview, which doesn’t matter for my landscape photo of the California coast. This might be an issue if you rely on text or people’s heads being near the edges of the canvas. Give yourself a little extra room to the edge so that you have everything important with at least an inch or two of margin around the sides.

Print quality: The quality of the photo is really sharp! The colors look really vibrant, too. I uploaded my photo at 300 dpi, which means that the largest dimension of my file was a massive 7200 pixels wide! That’s a lot bigger than any Facebook or Instagram images, so be careful importing from there.

The canvas is wrapped around sides neatly and stapled for ‘a no frame’ look, which looks good on the wall. It also saves you from having to buy a nice 16×24″ frame for your print. The images are printed “full bleed,” which means that unless something went wrong during the design phase, you’ll see no white area at the edges.

Conclusion: Vistaprint is good, but not the best for printing on canvas

At the end of the day, I recommend Easy Canvas Prints (review, coupons) for the best combination of price & quality for custom printed canvas. Remember, just like Vistaprint, you should always use a coupon!

Tip: If you are not happy with your canvas for any reason, write an honest & helpful, negative review on vistaprint.com, and they will likely credit your account with the purchase amount. Hopefully this is not the case, as Vistaprint has adjusted their online design process to fix the white space issue that was creating problems and garnering poor reviews.

[yasr_overall_rating] – Review by Kevin M.

canvas design ideas

Ready to Print Your Photo on Canvas? Design Ideas & Inspiration

Here are some neat canvas design ideas on pinterest including designing a collage of canvas prints, as well as some nice black and white inspiration for canvas from Shutterfly.

My Vistaprint Business Cards Review | Pretty Sweet!

vistaprint logo squareReview of Vistaprint business cards¬†– I’m in the middle of developing an online shop to sell my cat-related t-shirt designs, so I figured I’d invest about $20 to have business cards printed to advertise my online store.

The name I’m most familiar with for printing business cards is Vistaprint.com (coupons), so I decided to go with them. Here’s my review for business cards from Vistaprint:

Vistaprint Standard Business Cards: My Review

vistaprint business cards sample

I’ve ordered business cards through Vistaprint a couple of times before, but never to specifically promote a website or online store. In this case I wanted the cheapest business cards possible without looking or feeling cheap.

I went with their ongoing 500 business cards for $10 promotion because it only cost me $1 more than getting 250 business cards. ($8.99 with same coupon code)

By the way, they don’t seem to offer “free,” or economy business cards anymore, which is a good thing. Those used to have the Vistaprint logo on the back, and the paper felt cheap!

That’s a bad first impression to make with potential clients or customers. I sell t-shirts at my online shop, so I don’t want people thinking they are also cheaply printed!

1. First, Use a Design Template

Vistaprint offers design templates for all of their products, including business cards. TO be sure my design was the right resolution and in CMYK, I downloaded this template:

vistaprint business cards template

Anyway, in this case I used a 300 dpi version of one of my t-shirt designs, and formatted it for the vertical 3.5×2″ size of their Standard business cards. I also chose a matte finish, (included) as I wanted a vintage look. Glossy might be appropriate for certain designs or photos, but I usually go with matte.

*Their “Signature” business cards are printed on an adequate, 14 pt. paper, but you can upgrade to Premium or Signature with a heavier if you’d like. For my purposes I wanted the cheaper option, as I plan to just festoon these around the city.

I had no need to print on the back of the cards, so my order total was $9.99 for 500 standard business cards plus $5 shipping.

2. Be Sure to Use a Promo Code

If you click on a link for a specific promotion, the discount might be applied immediately, or, you have the option of entering a promo code at checkout like this:

business cards promo code

Enter Vistaprint promo code

3. You Can Consider Upgrades: (Brilliant Finishes) Metallic, Spot Gloss, Raised Print

Upgrades like foil, and spot gloss can really make features on your business card, like your logo, pop!

4. You’ll Have 4 Paper Stock Options

5. Here’s My Vistaprint Business Cards!

Wondering how long it takes Vistaprint to ship business cards? Their cheapest shipping option (economy) took exactly 8 days. (7 business days) They came in a neat little box, and I was excited to open it. (Need your cards fast? Check out the shipping speeds here) 

The business cards themselves look great, and the colors are just like the online preview. Once again, be sure to design in CMYK at high resolution (300 dpi). Here’s another photo of my business cards:

vistaprint business cards review

Some of the cards printed about 1/16 of an inch off-center, but they mention that your design should be in the “safety zone” as it might shift by a small amount horizontally or vertically.

These business cards are great! 5 stars for the $15 total price. If you want you can upgrade and spend more on Signature business cards or ultra-thick which cost a lot more.

My Review: 500 Vistaprint Business Cards

You can see the¬†‚Äúpremium business cards‚Ä̬†pictured above that I had printed with one of my¬†Chairman Meow¬†designs. I wanted heavier paper, so I was willing to pay an extra $5 than the¬†500 for $10 deal. Here are a few highlights of my premium business cards:

  • Economy delivery took 7 days¬†(free shipping¬†not available)
  • The business cards have a matte finish, and the paper is nice and sturdy
  • The design is full-bleed, and was well centered
  • The color was true to the online preview
  • The total¬†cost¬†was about $20 for 500 business cards¬†(with this¬†coupon)¬†
  • Not using a design template?¬†Remember to create your own design in CMYK!

*Tip: If you are on their site looking at the standard business cards, scroll down and you’ll see customer reviews. Consumer affairs is where you’ll find negative reviews, which are helpful to read, too

Ideas for Using Vistaprint Business Cards

Ok, so your on the fence about ordering 500 business cards? Business cards are like the Swiss Army knife of marketing, as they have so many potential uses for for many people. Here are a few ideas for getting your money’s worth:

1. Cheap Business Cards to Promote an Online Store / Shop / Blog

I used to imagine business cards as what people passed around at industry events, or left behind as contractors. However, if you have a website or online store or blog, they can be so much more!

They are great to hand out, and if you ship orders from an online store, be sure to drop a couple into each package that you ship.

If you do any online marketing whatsoever, you are probably familiar with paying for clicks on Google and Facebook. If you have a budget for this type of advertising, please consider supplementing it with business cards!

2. Business Cards are Like Online Clicks, But Cheaper

In my own online advertising experience, it’s costing me upwards of 50 cents per click to advertise my website to people categorized as “cat owners.”

That’s nothing compared to the $10+ per click a friend pays per click through Google for his basement waterproofing business. Yikes!¬†

Anyway, by paying for clicks I quickly realize that the math doesn’t work to my advantage. I’m only making $6 on the sale of a t-shirt, and the potential conversion rate from these paid clicks is pretty low. There’s just no way a high percentage of people are going to take out their wallet and buy a t-shirt, so I need to find a cheaper way to get people to my online store.

While I work on ways to bring this cost per click way down, I’m printing 500 business cards for some guerilla marketing. Vistaprint offers 500 business cards for $10 + $5 shipping, so the cost of each business card is about 5 cents each.

Like online clicks they deliver information for a brief moment with the hope of hooking a customer. While online advertising has many advantages, a business card is tangible, and doesn’t disappear into the ether once that moment has passed.

If you cross paths with your potential audience at any time, consider printing cheap business cards that get attention and send people to your online store or website!

For my shop, imagine how much more effective a little stack of business cards would be if left at a cat cafe, coffee shop, or pet store!

3. Cheap Business Cards for an Etsy Shop, CafePress Shop, Zazzle Store, eBay Store, or T-Shirt Store

If you have an online store, you’re probably trying to market your unique designs or products. This greatly increases the odds that you have some kind of design experience, or at least the ability to photograph your products close up.

Tip: Consider zooming in on your best design or product, add your URL, and print it on a business card? Make sure your image is really sharp and high-resolution!

These potentially catchy business cards can be stuck in lots of locations; either one at a time, or even fanned out or stacked in strategic places.

Example: I go to a dog park every other week, which is a very social environment. That would be a great place to hand out a business card. You’re not limited to dog products in that environment either. Maybe you just mention during conversation that you have a side-business, like an Etsy store, which would be a great time to whip it out. (a business card)

I have also propped up business cards on signs, wedged them into the side of bulletin boards, or any little corners where they might get noticed.

Idea: Not only can business cards help you hook potential new customers, but existing customers as well. I recommend including at least one business card in the packaging of all orders that you mail  out. Your customers might hold onto it, or even pass it on to a friend.

So Many Ideas for Using Business Cards

There are a number of great resources out there that list creative ideas for using business cards to market your store, but I’d just recommend the following in summary:

  • A catchy “hook“: a design featuring a head-turning product photo or example of your favorite design
  • No more than one one line of text or it will be too crowded
  • Your easy to remember domain name
  • Printing on the back of the business card may cost more
  • Try the¬†500 business cards¬†promotion first at 3 cents per card
  • Similar offer from Vistaprint.ca here

Anyway, if you’re an entrepreneur of any sort, I do recommend Vistaprint’s business cards, as they are really cheap and great quality. I was really happy with the result, and it was a great investment of less than $20.

vistaprint negative reviews

Vistaprint Bad Reviews | Top 10 Customer Complaints

vistaprint logo blueWhy do many Vistaprint customers leave bad reviews?¬†If you’re looking to print business cards, brochures, postcards, or promo items, you’ve probably seen Vistaprint show up in your search results.

That’s with good reason. As a printing services provider for small businesses, Vistaprint has seen some explosive growth in recent years. They may have started their business giving away business cards for free, but that early altruism has yielded¬†$289.9 million in revenue from printed materials in 2016.

When you move that much product, problems are bound to pop up. Even though Vistaprint ¬†offers design templates for each of their products, problems and mistakes still occur. (Just don’t complain about price, because we can save you 50% here!)¬†

First, Most Reviews for Vistaprint Are Positive

Before we talk about things that went wrong in customer reviews for Vistaprint, we have to mention that most reviews are positive. Also, many complaints,  (like slow shipping or low resolution images) could have been avoided by properly using the free design templates and by checking their shipping speeds.

vistaprint customer reviews

Even though most Vistaprint customers write positive reviews, about 14% are negative. Because they process thousands of orders each day, that’s a lot of bad reviews! Let’s find out what customers complain about, and maybe it will help you with your own order.

Top 10 Vistaprint Complaints:

Here are the top 10 Vistaprint customer complaints from bad reviews, and how to avoid them yourself.

1. My Business Cards Aren’t Legible:

vistaprint business card bad review

Customer review: “The business cards I received were of such poor resolution that my contact information was not legible.” – Matan of Santa Ana, CA

Imagine you put a lot of work designing the perfect business card. You place your order and wait for a preview to arrive–only to realize you can’t read it!

This is one of the most common Vistaprint complaints out there. That’s because people don’t always consider how a design will look on a 3.5-inch-by-2-inch card.

If you have small type in your logo, for example, keep that in mind when you scale it. It’s better to showcase something a little too big than something too small.

You’ll also want to make sure you go with white paper stock, unless you have planned ahead for what your design will look like printed on darker paper, like their brown¬†Kraft paper stock.

This complaint is most common with customers who upload their own designs, so make sure your image is 300+ dpi and the text is clear!

2. My Colors Don’t Look How They Looked Online:

business cards color shift

Color is one of the hardest things to visualize in the printing world. That’s because your computer doesn’t mix colors the same way ink does during a printing job.

On screen, your colors are in RGB. They’re made up of light-emitting pixels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) mixed up in different amounts.

In the printing world, colors are in CMYK. Printers create each hue by overlaying dots of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K).

Some colors look roughly the same across RGB and CMYK, but light blue, green, and orange can change dramatically.

For the best results, use an online color converter to get the CMYK values you want. Make sure your final design is in CMYK, not RGB.

3. My Border Is Off-Center

off center complaint business card

Customer review: “Whoever stretched the canvas over the frame did not center them and it looked like a 3 year old did the work!” – John of New Castle PA

This is a common problem with custom designs. If your design goes all the way to the edge of the paper, you’ll need to design with bleeds to get it spaced right.

Most printers will include measurements for the bleed, trim, and margin. You need to meet these for your product to print correctly.

Here’s a quick primer:

  • Bleed is how far your design should extend off the page. You won’t see this in your final product.
  • Trim is where the printer will cut your design. Anything outside of the trim line will be cut off.
  • Margin is the safe zone. All of your important elements need to be inside the margin.

It seems that a number of negative reviews could have been prevented if the customers had properly used the free design templates provided for each product.

4. The Paper Is Too Flimsy for What I Need:

wimpy business cards

Customer complaint: “The quality of the invitations was very cheap! Thin floppy paper was of the worst quality!” – Margaret of Tacoma, WA

You always need to keep the purpose of your project in mind when you choose your paper. While a thinner stock might come at a discount, certain projects might need a heavier weight. Heavier is usually better, and a lot of customers who wrote bad reviews learned this the hard way.

As a general reference, 20lb text paper is generally used for copier paper, while 80lb cover stock is great for business cards.

With free or free or economy business cards you’re going to get their thin paper. Ok for dropping into fishbowls to win a free lunch, not Ok at an industry networking event!

5. Complaint: My Design Came Out Blurry

blurry business cards

This is another of the most common Vistaprint complaints from customers who design their own products.

In the print world, an image’s resolution needs to be extremely high to come out correctly. While online images can get away with a resolution of 72 ppi–or pixels per inch–printed goods must be at least 300 dpi–or dots per inch.

Anything less will turn out blurry.

If the image you’re uploading is smaller than 1MB, triple-check that it’s at 300+ dpi.

6. The Colors On My Business Cards Don’t Match the Colors On My Brochure


review complaintsIf you’re trying to print an array of branded materials using your color palette, problems can sometimes crop up.

That’s because different paper weights and finishes can make colors look a little different. If you’re printing apparel or promotional goods, the difference can be pretty noticeable.

Your best bet here is to work closely with customer service and order preview prints of each product you want. You may have to tweak your color values a bit to get them to look correct on each item.

7. Complaint: My Preview Doesn’t Look Like My Project

Customer review: “Cards arrived with multiple errors, I.E. Director, misspellings, incorrect address, and phone number!” – BJ of Scottsdale, AZ

If you receive a preview and it doesn’t look like what you had in mind, it’s time to get in touch with customer service.

Go over specifically why you aren’t happy with what you’re seeing. It could be the item doesn’t look like how you imagined, the size won’t work, or the colors ended up too dark.

The worst of what I found in the reviews are accounts of misspellings, which seem to be the fault of Vistaprint. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but I read this in several reviews.

Whatever the reason, work with Vistaprint until the problem is fixed. There’s nothing worse than receiving a full order of goods you’re not totally happy with.

8. My Design Doesn’t Look Good On the Product

vistaprint realtor printing

Even if you did everything right during the design process–and Vistaprint handled the print job perfectly–some projects just don’t work. Some materials aren’t well suited to certain designs.

This is especially true for promotional goods and apparel. There’s a big, real-world difference between how an image looks on a flat, white surface and how it appears wrapped around a coffee mug or printed on a t-shirt.

That’s why it’s important to keep your materials in mind when you plan. If you’re printing on a specialty item, choose a simpler design to showcase.

Tiny, intricate details can get lost on clothing in particular, so try to keep things scaled up to a readable size.

9. Negative Review: Billing Problems


reviews overcharged complaint

Customer review: “Decided to purchase 500 business cards for $10 from Vistaprint, but when I went to place the order there was a $6 shipping charge… misleading to say the least!” – James of Atlanta, GA

With Vistaprint (or any other company) always double-check your credit card bill to see if what you were billed matches what you expected to pay. There are a lot of reviews online that complain about being overcharged.

This is especially common with people who used Vistaprint for website hosting, as they were not expecting a monthly charge, or may have started with a free trial that automatically billed them after 30 days.

Some customers who elected to add upgrades to paper quality, shipping speed, or selecting add-ons (like address labels) at checkout also ended up spending more than they bargained for.

10. The Shipping Was Slow

Review: “The business cards came AFTER the day I need them! When they did arrive, I refused delivery because it was too late.” – Marcus P. of Los Angeles CA

While reading through reviews, issues with shipping were very common. I actually would have put it higher on this list, but it seems that many times it’s the customer’s fault for not researching the shipping times and costs.¬†

It seems that with most print orders people can’t wait for the “economy” speed delivery, but are angry at paying more for having to pay for one of the expedited options.

A lot of people complained that shipping cost was too high, or didn’t arrive when they needed it. Out of these reviews, a high number of them were for international orders, which seem to be less predictable, as delivery speeds vary greatly by country.

Avoid a Potential Bad Review: Request free samples

vistaprint free business card samples

Did you know that Vistaprint offers free samples? If you have the time, consider requesting their free sample pack to feel the paper options and hold a few of their popular printed products yourself.

Getting married? Don’t take chances, request free samples of their wedding invitations so you feel more comfortable placing an order.

Do You Have a Print Job? Get 50% or Free Shipping Today

Vistaprint offers a 100% guarantee on every one of their products. If there was a problem with your order, reach out and let them know.

It’s a good idea to contact Vistaprint customer service before writing a negative review, because¬†they’re usually happy to reprint and reship your order or offer you a full refund.

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