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Vistaprint CANADA Coupons, Promotional Codes, Free Shipping • 2021

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Vistaprint Canada offers the same quality custom discount printing that millions of Americans (U.S. deals here) have already experienced. All customers in Canada can use our coupons for up to a 50% discount and new customers can also get free shipping!

Top 12 Coupons, Free Shipping Codes Now:

Vistaprint Canada: How to Use a Promo Code

Just like their main site, the Canadian version also enables you to easily take advantage of deals without messy codes. In fact, all of their printing is done within Canada, so shipping times are expedited.

Just click on a coupon link above, and the discount will automatically be applied to your order. You’ll see confirmation, and the chance to enter a promo code like this:

vistaprint canada promo code

Want to compare coupons? You can click back and forth between this page and to compare multiple discounts. Most of their best deals are also available in French, so look for “en En Français” to see the French version of most promotions.

They also have a French Canadian version of the site for your convenience if you are in Quebec, or speak French.

Canada: How to Change Language (English / French)

Most of these coupons are available in both English as well as French. If you ever want to switch the language, just click in the upper right corner of any page on like this:

vistaprint canada change language

Canada: How to Get Free Shipping:

Most of the time there is a free shipping code available, but you may have to be a new customer. Often there is a $50 minimum order requirement, and free shipping may not combine with other coupons. Looking for free delivery with no minimum? Look for a free delivery coupon when they run special promotions during peak seasons like Christmas and Boxing Day.

101 Reasons to Consider

Whether you need invitations for the big Canadian hockey game, business cards for your new hockey coaching business or brochures showing delicious Canadian bacon, (sorry, I’m stereotyping Canadians here) has low prices and high-quality custom printing. They have a number of printing options, as well as a plethora of weekly promotional codes and coupons so that you can easily work within just about any marketing budget.