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500 Vistaprint Business Cards for $5? (Updated) • 2023

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Looking for cheap business cards? Vistaprint is probably the number one name online for inexpensive custom business cards, and I highly recommend them. They used to run a couple of promotions for business cards including 500 for $5 or 500 for $10. ($9.99)

That’s OK though because the “500 business cards” deals were for economy business cards that had limited design options and weren’t printed on very thick paper. In fact, Vistaprint used to put their logo on the back of their free and economy business cards which wasn’t a great first impression for potential clients!

So, what’s the best promotion now for business cards? That depends on your order size and whether you’re a new customer. While we can’t get you 500 business cards for $5, we have a couple of promotions that are probably better for your needs than the old $5 promotion.

Vistaprint Business Cards Deals: Better Than 500 for $5!

Here are the 3 best promotions available now for Vistaprint business cards: (all coupons here)

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Deals of the Week!
2. 2023: Several featured promotions each day for up to 30% discount or...Show More
2. 2023: Several featured promotions each day for up to 30% discount or free shipping on business cards, postcards, canvas, and more. View deals: Show Less
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Business Cards: 10% Off
3. New customers get a 10% discount on business cards with no minimum...Show More
3. New customers get a 10% discount on business cards with no minimum. Get promo code: Show Less

We also posted all of Vistaprint’s promotions on this page in case you end up buying more than just business cards.

Bummed that the $5 and $10 business card deals aren’t available? Perhaps we can make you feel better?

Why You Should Skip the $5-10 Business Cards Promo Code:

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As we mentioned, the 500 business cards for $5 (or $9.99) deal hasn’t been offered for a long time. However, if it makes a comeback like the McRib, we have a few reasons why we think you should NOT use it.

  1. Quality: The $5 business cards deal was printed for “economy” business cards which is no longer even an option after being replaced by higher-quality “Standard” business cards
  2. Design options: Both the $5 and $10 business cards deals were limited in the number of design templates you could choose from so you might not be as happy with the final look
  3. Vistaprint logo on back!? For years Vistaprint was willing to take a loss on sales of business cards, especially to new customers. Why? Vistaprint would put their logo on the back of their cheapest business cards so that everyone you gave a business card to would see it. Interesting marketing idea, but not the best impression if you’re trying to land a big account!
  4. Slow, Expensive Shipping: 500 business cards for $5 or $9.99 sounded too good to be true, and in a way, it was because you had to pay up to $10 for economy-speed shipping and processing which could take a long time to arrive.

If you spend a lot of time dropping your business cards into fishbowls around town trying to win a free lunch, then the 500 business cards for $5 deal made a lot of sense. However, if you’re a realtor, freelance designer, or financial advisor, you want business cards that don’t look cheap.

That’s why we think their current promotions are actually better, even though you’ll have to spend more than $9.99.

Better Promotions Than 500 Business Cards for $5 or $9.99?

Don’t get me wrong, even Vistaprint’s “economy” business cards were pretty sharp and on decent paper stock, but were they perfect for your needs? Probably not.

I think business cards are an investment, so the price is only one factor in deciding which ones to get.

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With Vistaprint’s promotions for Standard and Premium business cards, you’ll have a lot more options including:

  • Printing on the backside
  • Square shape or rounded corners
  • Various finishes like “Soft Touch” or “Pearl” plus foil accents
  • Lots of industry-specific design templates and color schemes
  • Better paper stocks like Ultra-Thick, recycled matte, Kraft, or linen – view all

Yes, premium business cards are more expensive, but there are some good promotions running right now, especially if you’re a new customer.

Best alternative to the $5 or $10 business card deals? We’ve posted today’s best promotions for Vistaprint business cards here. Your order details will determine which is best for you, so consider comparing codes at checkout!


So, in conclusion, Vistaprint used to run promotions for 500 business cards for as little as $5 + shipping, but they have since evolved. They now offer a better product and don’t use gimmicks like $5 business cards to lure you in and upsell you.

In fact, you can get up to 20% off plus free delivery on your entire order which is better anyway.

Speaking of custom printing, we also have coupons for Moo, Snapfish, Shutterfly, and Easy Canvas Prints (owned by Vistaprint!). Thanks a lot for stopping by Mighty Small Biz, and good luck with your business cards!