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Vistaprint Checks: (Personal, Reorder, Business) Reviews, Cost, Coupon!

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You probably know Vistaprint best for their business cards, but you might know they also print dozens of other products including everything from face masks to personal checks.

In fact, they sell a number of types of secure personal and business checks including wallet checks, 3-to-1-page checks, and computer checks. We recently ordered our bank checks from Vistaprint and got a pretty good deal. If you are considering ordering Vistaprint checks, check out today’s best coupons posted here to get the best price.

Here’s our review of Vistaprint checks plus a great coupon:

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Checks: 25% Off
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Vistaprint checks: Designs | Business Checks | Reviews | Cost | Coupon

Personal Check Designs: (New or Reorder)

The first thing you’ll do when ordering Vistaprint checks is to choose a design. Here are some of their most popular personal check designs:

As you can see, Vistaprint check designs are practical, but nothing really special. Note that some of these Vistaprint checks, like the Van Gogh design, include multiple designs in one book:

vistaprint check designs van gogh

These are nice, but because we prefer a simple design, ordered the plain blue checks with thin lines. I mean, some people apparently like to see Bugs Bunny or kittens while they are writing a check to the IRS, but not us! View all Vistaprint check designs.

After you select a check design, it’s really easy to customize with your personal and bank info:

Vistaprint Business Checks

You’ll have basically the same design options for wallet business checks. They also have 3-to-1 page business checks in simple designs:

vistaprint business checks
vistaprint business checks

These a professional side-tear checks for business punched to fit a 7-ring check binder.

How to Customize Vistaprint Checks:

When you customize your checks, you can change the font and also add an accent image or monogram:

vistaprint checks accent image

Next, you’ll need 3 things to customize your Vistaprint checks:

  1. Routing / Transit Number: A 9-digit number that identifies your bank or financial institution
  2. Account Number: Your bank checking account number including any dashes and spaces
  3. Check Number: The starting number for the checks. Usually starting just after the number of your previous checkbook

You can find this info on an old check or in your online banking info:

vistaprint checks review info

Vistaprint asks you to check a box stating that the info is correct in the proof. You won’t want any typos or your checks will likely be useless! You’ll also have the option to add checkbooks to any order.

Customer Reviews:

With an overall satisfaction score of 81% from thousands of reviews, most customers are very happy with their Vistaprint checks. You can see each customer rating and read individual reviews on the checks product page. Here’s what customer say about their checks:

vistaprint checks reviews

What I found from personal experience that was also repeated in reviews for Vistaprint checks is that these are cheap, secure, basic personal or business checks. There are limited design options but they get the job done and come from a very reputable company. If you want more design options I recommend Checks Unlimited.


Don’t ever pay full-price for Vistaprint checks, as there is always a coupon or promo code available. Here is the pricing for Vistaprint checks and business checks (wallet) with their 25% off coupon applied:

I recommend adding duplicate checks, as it makes bookkeeping a lot easier. Speaking of Vistaprint checks coupons:

Coupon: (New Customers or Reorder)

What is the best coupon for Vistaprint checks? That depends on your order total and if you are a new customer. Currently, the featured coupon is for 20% off + new customers also get free shipping on $50+:

vistaprint checks coupon


How much do Vistaprint checks cost?

Checks start at $4 for a book of 25 and cost less per check when you buy larger quantities. Save on the cost when you use a coupon!

What’s the best coupon for checks?

Vistaprint has a coupon for 20% off new checks or reorder. We also list their best coupons each day for up to 25% off + free shipping.

Does Vistaprint make business checks?

Yes. Vistaprint makes custom business checks including wallet, 3-to-1 page, and computer checks.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our Vistaprint checks review!