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Vistaprint Checks: (Personal, Reorder, Business) Reviews, Cost, Coupon!

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You probably know Vistaprint best for their business cards, but you might know they also print dozens of other products including everything from face masks to personal checks.

In fact, they sell a number of types of secure personal and business checks including wallet checks, 3-to-1-page checks, and computer checks. We recently ordered our bank checks from Vistaprint and got a pretty good deal. If you are considering ordering Vistaprint checks, check out today’s best coupons posted here to get the best price. read more

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Vistaprint Checks | Coupon for 25% Off Personal Checks

Coupons for checks from Vistaprint.com – Looking for cheap personal or business checks online? Most people think of Vistaprint for custom business cards, but they also offer discount personal checks with a number of popular designs. Check out these featured coupons below. You can also find a number of new coupons and weekly specials posted on our main Vistaprint coupon page.

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Inexpensive personal bank checks from Vistaprint

The evolution of the internet has freed people from the overpriced personal checks sold at your local bank. They had a nice little racket going there for decades until the internet created something that banks hate: competition. Checks used to cost upwards of $20 per book, but are now a fraction of that price at leading online printing services like Vistaprint.

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What info do I need to print checks with Vistaprint?

If you have an old check, you have everything you’ll need. In fact, our bank (TD bank) scans every check that we write that has been cashed, so if you don’t have your old check book around, you might even be able to see scans of them online through your bank.

Anyway, besides your address and phone number, all of the numbers that Vistaprint will ask you for run along the bottom of your checks, including the routing number and bank number.

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Do they still offer free checks? read more