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WSJ Subscription Cost: Monthly Pricing + Best Deal! • 2022

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How much is a WSJ subscription? That depends on whether you want print delivery and which promotion you choose.

New customers can get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal for as little as $4 per month for up to 12 months with one of their weekly deals. However, after that promotional period ends you’ll be billed at the regular monthly rate.

So, to get the best deal on a WSJ subscription, you’ll want to consider 3 things:

wsj subscribe cost per month
  1. WSJ regular (renewal) Monthly pricing
  2. Optional weekend or weekday print delivery
  3. Best signup deal now

First, let’s look at the regular price for WSJ subscriptions, and then talk about how to get the best deal when you signup.

1. WSJ Subscription Cost Per Month in 2022:

If you sign up for a WSJ subscription you should know how much you’ll be paying each month after the initial promotional period ends. Here’s the current price per month for Wall Street Journal DIgital Subscriptions plus optional print delivery:

  1. WSJ All-Access Digital: $38.99/mo.
  2. WSJ Print + Weekend Delivery: $40.99/mo.
  3. WSJ Print + Weekday Delivery: (Mon-Fri home delivery) $42.99/mo.

You can view their featured subscription offer plus detailed pricing at Now, let’s talk about how to get the best deal when you signup.

2. Do You Want WSJ Print (Home Delivery)?

First, you’ll need to decide whether you want WSJ Print delivery with your subscription. If you do want to add WSJ print, decide whether you’d like weekday delivery (Monday through Friday) or weekend delivery on Saturdays only.

Every print subscription includes WSJ Digital, but if the idea of getting home delivery in addition to online access isn’t appealing, then save money by just subscribing to WSJ Online (Digital).

Tip: Want to see the latest Print edition online now? See all the stories just as they appeared in the daily print edition at:

The cost of a WSJ subscription also depends on which sign-up promotion you choose.

3. Choose the Best WSJ Subscription Deal

After deciding whether you want WSJ Print delivery, choose to sign up with the best promotion for your needs.

  • Short term: If you merely want to try The Journal for a month or two and doubt that you’ll keep your subscription long-term, then consider choosing a cheap short-term promo like “12 weeks for $12” or “$1 for 4 weeks.”
  • Long-term: If you’d think you might keep your WSJ subscription for 6+ months, then consider the 12-month promotions like 50% off or $4 per month for up to 12 months.

Tip: The 12-month promotions are usually best because you can get the promotional pricing for much longer. You can also cancel anytime!

When that initial promotion 1-12 month promotion ends you’ll be billed at the regular price each month. Want to see today’s featured sales? They are listed here!

In Conclusion…

If you want to know how much a WSJ subscription costs, you need to consider both the promotional rate and the renewal rate. I recommend the 12-month promotions as you’ll save you the most money and you can cancel anytime.