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Wall Street Journal Student Discount | WSJ Subscription ($4 or Free?)

wsj logoStudent discount for the Wall Street Journal: Did you know that as a student you are eligible for a deeply discounted price on a subscription to the Wall Street Journal?

In fact, there is more than one way to get a Wall Street Journal student discount which can come directly from WSJ or sponsored by your school. Here are the best ways to get a Wall Street Journal Student Discount, or even a free subscription.

#1. The WSJ Student Discount

college students

At wsj.com there is a special offer just for students. This promotion changes seasonally but usually offers students two subscription options: “Student Digital” or “Student Print & Digital Pack.” Here’s how the student discounts work:

wall street journal student promo

Two discounted WSJ subscription options

  1. $1 for 15 weeks – After the promotion ends you’ll continue to get the student rate of the WSJ for $4-10 per month
  2. $49 for 1 year – If you pay for a year’s subscription upfront you’ll get a better long-term deal. After the initial year ends your subscription continues at the student or educator rate of $4+ per month

To see today’s best WSJ deals for students, check out education.wsj.com

*Did you know that students can get TurboTax for free?

#2. Free WSJ Subscription for College Students & Educators

Did you say, “free WSJ subscription!?” Yes, it’s true! As a teacher or full-time student enrolled at a participating college or university you may be eligible for a free subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

To see if your school offers free subscriptions to students and teachers, visit education.wsj.com and you’ll see a screen like this:

wsj free student subscription

Your school may offer free WSJ subscriptions to students

Enter in your school or college name, and check to see if you qualify. If you do, you’ll just need to prove that you are a student, often with a school email address or login through your school’s website.

wall street journal free college

As you can imagine, WSJ for students is packed with the same features as a regular subscription. Interested? You can get started here.

*Did you know students can get Quickbooks for free or at a discount?

#3. Not a Full-Time Student? Get a 50% Discount on the WSJ!

Yes even if you don’t qualify as a full-time student currently enrolled in classes, you can still get a 50% discount. How? Well, MightySmallBiz.com is one of a number of small business and finance blogs that are given special discounts to pass on to our readers.

The best part is that you don’t even have to be a student of any kind! (Except, a student of life, of course) Anyway, you can get the 50% discount, or check all WSJ deals here.new

If you’re in college, it’s a great idea to take advantage of the Wall Street Journal Student discount. Also, a word of advice from an old guy; don’t be afraid to disagree with your teachers , and don’t rush through college! As Ferris Bueller once said:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

top wsj subscription deals

Wall Street Journal $99 Offer + Best WSJ Subscription Deals • 2019

wsj logoNew Wall Street Journal Deals – “Knowledge is Power, information is liberating” – Kofi Annon. Well said, Kofi, and I’ll add that it’s also empowering when you get a great deal on a WSJ subscription which is full of empowering knowledge.

Check below for the popular Wall Street Journal $99 offer, or use a coupon for up to a 50% discount on a 6-month print and/or digital (aka “All Access Digital”) subscription. No promo codes are needed, so just click to apply a coupon!

Best Wall Street Journal Subscription Deals, Coupons :

wsj featured deal
WSJ: 50% Off (Best deal)
Digital + Print: $22.50/mo. for 6 or 12 months. View promo:
Ends 4/01/19
WSJ: 12 Weeks for $12
Best deal for first 5 months only. View offer:
Ends 4/01/19
WSJ Print: 50% Off
$21.50/mo. Wall Street Journal print delivery. Apply coupon:
Ends 4/01/19
WSJ Print: 50% Off
$21.50/mo. Wall Street Journal print delivery.
Ends 4/01/19
Barrons: $1 per Week
12 or 26 weeks for only $1 each. View deal:
WSJ: $99 Offer
$99 for 6 months offer not available today.
WSJ: 2 Months for $1
Cyber-week sale. View offer:

What’s the Best Subscription Deal?

wsj digital subscription

The Wall Street Journal offers at least two different subscriptions deals each week, but which one is best?

Short-term promotions like, “$12 for 12 weeks,” are tempting because they cost less initially, but are they really the best deal? Most of the time the answer is, “no,” and you’ll get a better price with other promotions, like the $99 offer for All Access Digital.

Let’s Compare WSJ (All Access Digital) Deals to see which one is best for you. Looking for a print subscription? No problem, it’s really inexpensive to add print delivery, so we’ll discuss that, too!

*If you are in college, consider the WSJ student discount

First, the 50% Off Deal (aka “WSJ $99 Offer”)

wsj 50 off coupon

The most popular promotion for WSJ is their $99 offer for All Access Digital, also promoted as a 50% off coupon. This isn’t surprising because readers of the Wall Street Journal are shrewd and know a good deal when they see one. Also, most readers prefer the online version, as financial news is updated by the minute, and it includes all video content.

In fact, the $99 offer saves you over $250 on the first year of your WSJ Digital subscription. Before looking at the details of this coupon on wsj.com, let’s also consider another popular coupon, the “12 weeks for $12” promotion.

Next, the “$12 Weeks for $12” Coupon

wsj deal 12 weeks


Wow, $1 per week for a WSJ Subscription?! Yes, it’s an attractive deal, but only short term. I would recommend these coupons for shorter subscription durations only if you are undecided as to whether to continue your subscription long-term. Let’s look at hard numbers to decide which of these offers is best for your needs.

Subscription Deals: Cost Comparison

The two most popular promotions are of different durations, so let’s compare apples to apples and see what they cost over 6 months and one year.

First 6 months: (Digital All Access Subscription)

  • 12 Weeks for $12 deal: $129
  • 50% off 6 months deal: $117

As you can see, over the course of 6 months the “50% off” promotion yields a better price, saving you an extra $12. Now, let’s look at a full year’s subscription:

First 12 months: (Digital All Access Subscription)

  • 12 Weeks for $12 deal: $363
  • 50% off 12 months deal: $234

The difference between these promotions isn’t a big deal for the first 6 months, but over the course of a year it’s really significant, as the “50% off” deal saves you an extra $129 over 12 months! It can also save you even more compared with the higher 6+ month cost with their “$1 for 2 months” offer here, and WSJ on Amazon.

Conclusion: The 50% Off Coupon Is Best Long-Term

If you are just dipping your toe into reading The Journal, then $12 for 12 weeks is a good way to do so. There’s no commitment after the initial 3 month promotion, and you can cancel anytime before that time lapses.

However, if you plan to subscribe for 6 months or more, then the “50% off” deal is much better, as it locks in the lower subscription rate for up to 12 months, instead of 3 months.

What About the Wall Street Journal $99 Offer?

wall street journal 99 offer

The best possible deal is their $99 WSJ Digital for 6 months promotion which saves you an extra $17 over 6 months compared to the 50% off coupon. While this deal isn’t available most of the time, it is advertised seasonally including Black Friday and before the significant holidays like Christmas and July 4th.

Is the $99 promotion available now? You can check by viewing their best available promotion here.

If you aren’t in a rush to subscribe, you can wait for the $99 offer to become available once again.

Coupon for a Print Subscription?

I’m glad that you asked about WSJ print, because I still love the feel of holding a newspaper in my hands, especially on the weekend when I try to unplug and be more present, and less concerned about what the market is doing minute by minute.

Anyway, if you want a print-only subscription, it costs about the same as a digital subscription. The real savings comes when you bundle print and digital together, as adding print delivery only costs an extra $3 per month!

The savings with the “50% off” deal for a print subscription are similar to the numbers above, and you can see today’s exact prices here.

Wall Street Journal Subscription Offer Highlights:

(Sample amazing WSJ video content above) Founded in 1889, the WSJ is the world’s leading business publication, read by more business leaders than any other media. WSJ.com is a 24/7 365 day a year guide to the top business news world-wide, giving you access to news as soon as it breaks.

A subscription to the Wall Street Journal print (paper delivery) edition puts the day’s top stories in your hands every morning, offering the best reporting and business news in print; the reason why The Wall Street Journal has earned the appellation of being the #1 business publication worldwide.

  • Six day newspaper delivery as well as full digital access
  • Online tools to track investments in your WSJ portfolio
  • Every subscription Includes 11 issues of WSJ Magazine
  • Incredible exclusive video content
  • Unrivaled reporting with over 1800 journalists in 45 countries
  • More business leaders read the WSJ than any other media according to a recent study by Erdos & Morgan
  • More subscription features
  • Related coupons: Vistaprint | Easy Canvas Prints | Turbo Tax | 4inkjets

When using a WSJ subscription coupon or promotional link from above, you can cogitate about saving up to 50% off the news stand price of The Journal, and you are also eligible for up to 8 free weeks of The Wall Street Journal print & online editions. That’s 6 months of the WSJ for only $99! This results in the best price online for a The Wall Street Journal subscription, and it’s a deal directly from wsj.com