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Vistaprint Free Wedding Samples: 3 Invitations, Save the Dates

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Request a free wedding sample kit from Vistaprint – You don’t choose a catering company for your wedding without trying the food, and you don’t pick out a location without visiting first, right? Viewing save the dates and wedding invitations online is great, but (like getting married!) this is a big decision. Consider getting free sample invites, save the dates, and more before placing an order at

vistaprint wedding free samples

Why Request a Wedding Free Wedding Sample Kit?

If you’re considering Vistaprint to handle any or all of your wedding printing, I suggest getting free samples first. When you hold them in your hands, you’ll really make an informed decision, and it can help you choose between options like finish and paper stock.

While previewing wedding invitations online gives you a good idea for how they will look, nothing beats having samples in your hand. How else can you make a good decision on which paper stock or finish you want?

Each wedding sample kit includes various printed items with different finishes and stocks, and they are printed on the back of each sample like this:

vistaprint free wedding invitations

What Does the Free Wedding Sample Kit Include?

  • 3 Free wedding invitations (various paper options)
  • RSVP card
  • Sample wedding reception menu
  • Sample envelopes
  • Free sample save the date postcard
  • Free save the date magnet
  • A Vistaprint wedding lookbook (photos of wedding ideas / inspiration)
  • A coupon towards your wedding order

The message on tells you that shipping free samples takes two weeks, so if you are pressed for time, free samples might not be an option. Or, you could always have the save the dates printed first, then wait on your decision for invitations, etc.Before placing an order, be sure to use a coupon for their wedding invitations here.

How Long Does It Take to Get the Free Wedding Samples?

While Vistaprint quotes “2 weeks” for delivery, mine were shipped and arrived in only 6 business days. If you still have time on your hands and aren’t rushed to get your save the dates or invitations mailed, this is a great option. You can also request Vistaprint free sample business cards, postcards, and brochures.

vistaprint wedding free sample invites

Free Wedding Invitations & Free Save the Dates Offers Replaced

You might be familiar with Vistaprint’s famous free business cards, offer. They also used to offer 10 free save the dates or wedding invitations as well. All of their “free” products have been replaced with free samples for business and wedding. Those old offers didn’t include free shipping, (and only one product) so this is actually a better deal.

Maybe they also found that cheap people were requesting 5+ free sets of wedding invitations and then just sent them out to guests; never intending to actually place an order!