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Vistaprint Face Masks: Reviews, Pre-Order Cost + Coupon (Kids, Too!)

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Vistaprint face masks: We all know that coronavirus, aka Covid-19, isn’t going to be history for a while. However, searching for the right face mask online is a bit of a rabbit hole. Personally I’ve spent hours looking for an effective face mask that is comfortable and stylish. Ironically, a lot of the facemasks you find on Amazon and those ever-present online ads are poorly made in China. (Yikes!)

Recently well-known American company, Vistaprint, stepped up to create clear plastic face shields, disposable masks, plus these fashionable filtered face masks for adults and kids in fun patterns. I mean, come on, your face mask doesn’t have to scream, “pandemic!” It can actually work well and look good at the same time.

Here is Vistaprint’s new filtered face mask. Check out all these great designs and, including floral patterns, and fun designs for kids. All face masks ship free this month in U.S. and Canada!

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Vistaprint Face Masks:

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vistaprint face mask men design
vistaprint filtered face masks

Face Mask Designs: (Men & Women)

Just click any face mask design to view larger:

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*View all designs at and get free shipping this month:

Kids’ Face Mask Designs, Patterns:

vistaprint kids face masks

Click any of these Vistaprint kids’ filtered face mask designs to view larger:

What ages do kids masks fit? We called Vistaprint and asked what ages these kids masks are appropriate for, and they responded that the kids’ masks can fit children from ages 5-13. They added that the adjustable straps can be used to make kids’ masks fit small children, or to make adult masks fit teenagers.

*View all kids’ designs at

Vistaprint Face Mask Reviews?

Vistaprint RNS (Replaceable Nanofilter System) masks are made for comfort and style. The masks feature reinforced stitching, certified materials, and made with a soft durable 100% cotton anti-allergenic inner layer and electrostatic absorption cloth.

Are Vistaprint masks good? Most reusable face masks that you see online look floppy and ill-fitting. However, Vistaprint’s face masks are contoured to fit your face including a nose bridge and chin structure plus adjustable straps for a snug fit.

Their filtration blocks airborne contaminants without trapping moisture. The replaceable filter lasts up to 12 hours and is easily replaced.

What size are Vistaprint face masks? The mask dimensions are:

  • Adult: 24 x 15cm (9.44 x 5.9 in.)
  • Kids: 19 x 12 cm (7.5 x 4.72 in.)


vistaprint face mask covering floral pattern

Are Vistaprint face masks washable? Yes, you can wash by hand or in a washing machine with a gentle cycle and natural detergent. Air dry or machine dry on low heat. The replacement filters are not washable.

How much do Vistaprint face masks cost? 😷

Adult filtered face masks cost $18, and kids are $13 each w/ free delivery this month

Are filters included with the face masks?

Only one filter is included for each Vistaprint mask that you purchase. Replacement filters are available in packs of 10 for $10.

Is there a coupon for Vistaprint masks?

Promo codes don’t work towards reusable masks, but you can get free shipping now!

Are Vistaprint masks made in the USA?

Not really. The face masks are made in Mexico or China and then printed and shipped from Reno, Nevada.

Are Vistaprint masks PPE? (Personal protective equipment) No, Vistaprint masks are for personal use and not intended for use in hospitals or by health care professionals. *Learn more about personal protective equipment at

Are Vistaprint masks available in Canada? Not yet, but they will soon be featured among their Covid-19 products here

How long do face masks take to ship? Vistaprint ships masks free at Economy speed which is 5-8 business days. You can see Vistaprint shipping speeds and cost here

Our Review:

When I saw that Vistaprint is making face masks, I immediately wanted to get one for us and our kids. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea, as thousands of others pre-ordered their facemasks which started shipping at the end of May 2020.

vistaprint mask order

Update: Our face masks and filters just arrived! So, we’ll put our full video review here ASAP. We’ll also closely check customer reviews for Vistaprint face masks on to see what other men and women say about them. Check back soon!

vistaprint face masks and filters


How much do Vistaprint face masks cost? Adult masks are priced at $18 each, while kids’ masks cost $13 each. Replaceable filters are sold in packs of 10 for $10. If you need more than 25 masks you can contact Vistaprint customer support for a bulk discount.

Vistaprint Face Mask Coupon

Is there a coupon for Vistaprint masks? Because these face masks are so popular it appears that you can’t enter a promo code at checkout for a discount. However, the good news is that Vistaprint offers free shipping on all face masks.

vistaprint face masks promotion free ship

This promotion may change after the pre-order period ends, so check our Vistaprint coupons page for the latest promotions.

Vistaprint is donating 10% of all face mask sales to support local businesses.

Face Masks from Vistaprint: Helping Small Businesses Get Back to Work!

The coronavirus greatly affected all of our lives. While this has had a profound effect on our lives and businesses, the world can’t just stop. Until an effective vaccine is available for everyone our lives will continue to be different. The good news is that we can take steps to get back to our “normal” lives. One big step is wearing a face mask in public.

My family and I realized that we can get back to doing some of the things we love to do, but we just have to be smart. This includes having our whole family, including the kids, wear face masks, and use hand sanitizer wherever we go. That’s OK, we can deal with that! That means millions of Americans are going to need proper facemasks for venturing out, conducting business, and traveling.

Thanks for stopping by Mighty Small Biz, and check back soon for our full Vistaprint face mask review. You can view all Vistaprint face masks here!

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29 thoughts on “Vistaprint Face Masks: Reviews, Pre-Order Cost + Coupon (Kids, Too!)

  1. E Foster

    It is interesting that in America you can buy masks for $18 and $13 and although the exchange rate is not what it was the masks cost £18 or £13. I have ordered them for myself and my family as I think they are of good quality and are reusable. However, with 3 adults and two children’s masks with filters it cost around £100. I just feel in these difficult times and for a retired widow, they are extortionate. I just hope they live up to expectations. EF

  2. colin musselwhite

    Yes I thought they were expensive and got them elsewhere, Vistaprint should be ashamed, I will never buy anything from them again!!!!!

  3. Kathryn Healy

    I bought your mask. As per your ad above, your masks are NOT MADE in China. I received the masks I ordered from you, those shown above, and they ARE MADE IN CHINA!!! Did you just mistakenly send me the wrong mask? Or is this just plain false advertising? I have trusted Vistaprint, but I will not again. You owe me an apology and a full refund. You can have your CHINESE masks!

  4. Diane

    Funny it says the masks are made in USA, but when I called about mine they said it was delayed because they are made in Mexico… a little misleading and was shocked because they said they were made in USA.

    1. Greg Fearn

      Just cancelled my Vistaprint mask order when I noticed the shipping was from China.

      Extremely misleading and deceptive.

    2. Debbie

      I am considering ordering two of ur adjustable masks; one for myself and one for my granddaughter; my preference would be to order more than two. What caught my interest was the fact that your company stated that the masks were made in the USA, in Michigan; however, as I continued to read about your masks, I have now read that in actuality, they are made in Mexico and in CHINA. It was disappointing to read that they are not made in the USA after all; why misleading? Regardless, the product sounds like it is made well and I especially like that they are supposedly adjustable. I am on a fixed income. My point being, I do find that the cost of these masks are expensive. Regardless, I do plan on purchasing two masks in the near future as it is imperative that we have masks that are comfortable and fit well. All masks that I have bought thus far have been too large, not made well, a waste of money; this also includes disposable ones. Thank you for your time.

  5. B

    I ordered a snakeskin one. Hopefully it fits my face. I’ll return with a review. I’m very critical.

  6. Dana

    While VistaPrint is an American Company, do know these mask are manufacturer and shipped from China. NO WHERE on their website is this mentioned. I only found out as I inquired regarding my order – which is now delayed by another 2 weeks. They provided me a UPS number – when tracked it showed the order shipping from China. The rep told me the materials are purchased in China and then the masks are manufactured in Tijuana. I asked how that was possible since the finished product was being shipped to me from China . . . the rep had no answer to my question and then our chat was “unexpectedly” disconnected.

  7. Suzanne Glenn

    Vistaprints masks are not made in the USA. My order just shipped from China. Contacted Vistaprints and was told that they can only get the materials from China and then they send the material to Mexica to be made. Very disappointed.

  8. Mark C

    I thought these masks were made in the USA but when I received the shipping notification it is tracking Originating in China.

  9. BooBoo

    UPS Tracking shows that my masks are being shipped from China to USA. Vista Print may be a US company but the masks appear to be made in China.

  10. Shawn

    I ordered 4 masks and 2 sets of extra filters on May 1st with a 3 week delivery date of May 24th 2020. On My 26th I received an email with a delay. Delivery day 5-11 business days. This would be June 11th. On June 11th I received another delay stating (in bold print) that they would be shipped no latter that June 19th! I called customer service. He said there is no compensation and certain colors olare on back order. I asked why they didn’t ask me if I wanted a different pattern to get them quicker. He advised me to cancel my order…he said that is the only compensation you will get. I received 2 emails that day after the phone call. One saying they are sending out free masks of their choice pattern until ours are ready to ship so we will have something. Ok, now I was happier. June 19th came and no compensation masks and no original order. Just another delayed order email, this time with no expected delivery date. I emailed the company and got a fake heart filled pre written email that was tweeked to fit my issue. She said one of my masks were shipped out and overnighted. I did receive one mask the next day, but NO FLITER! I emailed her again. Another representative responded again with a fake apologie and said the filters were on back order too and so were our compensation masks! What? That didn’t make any sense, and she said our order would be delivered between June 30th-July 11th (today is July 6th and still no masks). Then on June 26th I receive yet another email saying one mask has shipped and gave a tracking number. For the last week I have checked the tracking number and it only says “Check back for scheduled delivery date”. Honestly I think Vistaprint set up a shipping label, but haven’t sent out the product. Thus, looking like they actually shipped something and only generated a lable. Today is July 6th! We ordered on May 1st!!! Yes, I am upset and would leave a 0 star review if I could. We have waited 3 months now for a 3 week delivery date. I hate to cancel now after waiting all this time and I am reading reviews saying they aren’t receiving their refunds either! The one mask we did receive was of good quality, but useless without the ” Special ” filter. I researched masks and this company seemed to be a good reputable company that works with a lot of businesses so I felt confident in ordering. I’ve only been lied to again and again. It is very frustrating. I would never order from this company again and I would never recommend this company to any of my business friends in the future. It is sad they have made a bad name for themselves over this. I understand the unexpected orders they received, but please be honest with me at least. What really gets me is after waiting 3 months for our masks (all solid colors) they are STILL SELLING MASKS! If they are this behind on orders then WHY are they accepting new orders? Their website doesn’t say when they will be delivered now either, so if you don’t mind waiting 3+ months (or maybe not getting them at all) then feel free to take a chance on them. Personally, I wouldn’t and won’t ever again. I can’t say they are scammers as I have ordered business cards from them in the past, but I can say they are horrible at their customer service and good at lying to keep people from canceling. I am about ready to cancel but afraid I won’t get an actual refund.
    Thank you for reading.


    I just received notice that the masks I ordered were shipped from China according to UPS. I would never have purchased an item made or shipped from China.

  12. Jade

    Are Vistaprint masks made in the USA?
    Not really. The face masks are made in Mexico or China and then printed and shipped from Reno, Nevada.

  13. M bland

    Not happy with these masks that finally arrived today. I based my purchase on several online reviews, incl a Dr’s poat on wonkypue that popped up first. The masks are NOT fitted with and inner cotton layer, both layers are 100% polyester. Also, these are the same masks in photo above, TrueMask…made in China. Upon doscovering this prior to receiving the masks, i called Vistaprint and was offered a full refund no hassle and suggested i donaye the masks…which i will. Not sure how i feel about donating somethi g that i dont want to wear myself but…

  14. Bev

    I just checked on mine and they were shipping out of China ! Gee just like the ones on Amazon that they criticize ?

  15. Ming

    There is a quality change in the mask. The pictures in this post is the better ones I ordered at the beginning of June. I ordered another batch two weeks ago, the material is lighter and less firmly woven, when I raise them up against the sky light, the second batch shows light spots. The quality definitely decreased. The representatives said that the change was made so that customers won’t sweat as much, but I don’t like it and I won’t buy more from them any more unless they lower their price with the reduction of quality.

  16. Elizabeth

    The styles are gorgeous and I was so excited to order masks made in the U.S. I ordered ten so I could give them to family members. Then I got my shipping notification from China! I went on Vistaprint’s chat to inquire and found out that the materials come from China and the masks are assembled in Mexico. I got my order refunded because if I’m going to spend nearly two hundred dollars on masks, I’d like my order to benefit workers in the U.S.

  17. Deb

    My Vistaprint face mask just arrived but I’m disappointed that it arrived without a filter. The website indicated that each mask came with one filter! Fortunately, I ordered a package of 10 filters too – but of course these are being shipped separately and have not arrived yet. The mask is made of a very lightweight fabric so the additional protection from the filter will be helpful. The adult large seems a bit big for me so I’m hoping once I’ve run it through the wash I’m able to adjust it to fit.

  18. Lori Graham

    After not receiving my masks 3 weeks after order I decided to track them. I found out my masks were held up at customs in China.I was shocked to find out I was buying made in China face masks. I believed that purchasing from Vistaprint they were made in USA. What I’ve read is that the masks are purchased from China or Mexico and printed on by Vistaprint in USA. I never would have paid $18 a piece plus $10 for 10 filters if I knew. I have contacted Vistaprint and was told this is the only product they get from China. OK, that dosen’t matter to me. What matters is what I’m purchasing. I have told Vistaprint I want to cx my order. I’m waiting to hear from them.

  19. Lucky

    I just received 2masks that I ordered 3wks ago, am very disappointed by the products. To me they are more like $2/mask product, flimsy and thin plastic/nylon material. I bought them because they were promoted as 100% cotton material, and made in USA, neither one is true. They are made in China. Fortunately they refunded me. So dont waste your time should you look for cotton masks American made. These are not for you.

  20. Lauri Lewis

    Get your mask elsewhere.
    As someone else stated, I wish I would’ve read the reviews first. I ordered a mask for my son and it took several weeks but it was delivered as promised with the filter. I liked the fit of it so I ordered two more masks for my husband and I on June 19. My husband‘s mask finally arrived July 27th! with NO filter and mine is nowhere in sight. I made an inquiry and they said they were unable to provide my mask however it’s still listed on their site as purchasable. Look somewhere else for your next mask!

  21. Kim

    For the price ($18 per adult mask without filters, which had to be purchased separately in a $10 pack), I was not impressed. I’ve been making my own masks and since I’m a sewing machine amateur, I expected a professionally-made one to be better quality. These were loose around the face in different places depending on which of the 3 I put on, and the nose seam was crooked in two of the three. There was no clip or anything in at the bridge of the nose to adjust so glasses wouldn’t fog up. Also, these masks are definitely made in China–each package had quality inspection slip that said Produced by KIWI SUZHOU GARMET LTD and an address in China. As a long-time VistaPrint customer, I was also very disappointed that you could not use an VistaPrint coupon codes to buy masks. I contacted them and their excuse was that they were selling the masks through a different website. Um–so what? How does that make a difference? Overall, a surprisingly negative experience.

  22. tbm

    The quality had gone down significantly since the beginning of the pandemic until now. I received my first order in May and the masks were great. The second order I received in July is totally different and cheaply done. The material reminded me of cheap nylon used in kids halloween costumes. I did a side by side comparison and the materials are not the same in thickness or quality, the structure of the mask also doesn’t keep its shape and it doesn’t fit as well under the chin (it sags). I will be returning the second order. Originally, each mask came with 1 free filter, but they no longer do that.

  23. Bob R

    I ordered a mask in July ($18, including shipping), and it was advertised as including 1 filter. It arrived in about 14 days, but with no filter. I called this morning, and was told they changed the policy to not include a filter months ago, although that is not what I saw on their site as of 7/10/20. She said they would not be able to send just one filter, although I can order 10 for $10 USD. And now they offer custom designs, which was not an option when I had to pick the least offensive one a few weeks ago. Very frustrating!

    Mine says manufactured by Trumask in China, on 6/18/20, imported by National Pen, in Tennessee.

  24. Nancy

    I was goven impression also that these were msde in USA.
    However today I was notified by UPS that my shipment just cleared Customs today. Therefore NOT MADE IN USA.

  25. Mary Morris

    just got my 3rd mask from vistaprint. Really like the masks but they don’t come with an insert as stated. Shipping is slow since they come from China. Still waiting on my order for inserts

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