Vistaprint Business Cards: Which Paper Stock Is Best For You?

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Vistaprint paper stock options for business cards: If you are printing business cards at Vistaprint, you’ll need to choose a card stock. But, which paper stock is best for your business cards?

Here’s a brief, helpful video to help you decide which paper stock to choose:

Best Paper Stock for Your Business Cards:

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Business Cards: Vistaprint’s Paper Stock Options

Vistaprint offers four signature paper stocks: glossy, matte, linen, and recycled matte. They also offer two ultra-thick papers: coated, and uncoated.

Here are your paper stock options:

Business Cards: Signature glossy

vistaprint business cards paper signature glossy
Vistaprint business cards paper stock: signature glossy

Signature glossy business cards have a really lustrous coating, shiny coating that reflects the light and is really eye catching. This really brings attention to any images or logos that are on your business cards.

Business Cards: Signature Matte Paper Stock

vistaprint business cards paper signature matte
Vistaprint business cards paper stock: signature matte

The signature matte is a simple but professional look. Matte has a dull finish and doesn’t reflect the light and looks shiny like Vistaprint’s glossy business cards. Matte is also great for instances when you need to write on the back of your business cards, which a lot of people find practical.

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Business Cards: Signature Linen Paper Stock

Vistaprint business cards paper stock: signature linen
Vistaprint business cards paper stock: signature linen

Linen feels different than glossy and matte, and has a cross-woven nature that you feel as soon as you touch the business cards.  It’s also visually very impactful because you can see that there’s something different about the card stock.

If you’re in the design business, offer personal services, or sell crafts, you might want to consider this very personal, almost hand printed paper stock. Linen paper stock gives a feeling of intimacy and personal connection.

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Business Cards: Signature Recycled Matte

vistaprint business cards signature recycled
Vistaprint business cards: signature recycled matte

Not only are Vistaprint’s signature recycled matte business cards made from 100% recycled paper, but even the paper mill where they are made uses only renewable energy.

*Have you seen their Kraft paper? It’s rough, recycled brown paper stock.

Business Cards: Ultra-Thick Coated Paper Stock

vistaprint ultra thick coated paper stock
Vistaprint ultra thick coated paper stock

Ultra-thick business cards are the thickest paper stock that Vistaprint offers, and they really make an impact with customers.

Business Cards: Ultra-Thick Uncoated

Vistaprint has an exclusive process that integrates technology from the paper supplier to the post-printing process to achieve a printing quality that no other company can achieve on such thick paper.

Which Paper Stock Should You Choose for Your Business Cards?

Every business is different, and no one paper stock is best for everyone. Vistaprint believes that business cards have the ability to tell your business’ story, so how will you tell yours?
We recently tried out their business cards, and wrote a review here.

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