Vistaprint: How To Assemble Your Banner Stand (H, L, X Stands)

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How to assemble Vistaprint banner stands: Banners are great for trade shows and presentations, and the stand comes with a convenient carrying case for easy transport.

We have exclusive coupons for all Vistaprint products, including banners, for a 25-50% discount and free shipping. OK, now, let’s talk about banner assembly! 

If you ordered a banner from Vistaprint you’re going to have to do the assembly at home. It’s a little confusing, but the good news is that we have instructional videos to show you exactly how to assemble your banner stand.

There are a few kinds of banners, so see below on how to assemble each type of stand:

H Banner Stand: Assembly Instructions

Here are video instructions for assembling the H banner stand:

The H banner stand is compatible with vertical banners in these sizes: 2.5×4′, 2.5×6′, and 2.5×8′

The H banner stand includes 2 frames, 4 frame hooks, 1 base, 1 telescopic pole, and 1 extension pole.

L Banner Stand: Assembly Instructions

Here’s how to assemble the L banner stand:

The L banner stand is compatible with 2.5 x 4′, 2.5 x 6′, and 2.5 x 8′ banner sizes.

What’s included? The L banner stand includes a top banner frame, 3 extension poles, a top banner frame, and a top pole.

X Banner Stand: Assembly Instructions

Here’s how to put the X banner stand together:

The Vistaprint X banner stand is compatible with vertical banner sizes: 2.5′ x 8′, 2.5′ x 6′, and 2.5′ x 4′ (no extension poles needed). This banner stand size is great for trade shows, presentations, and indoor signage.

What’s included? The X banner stand includes a tripod base, 2 extension poles, and 2 hooked poles.

Hopefully those videos make it clear on how to assemble your new Vistaprint banner and stand! Have You Ordered Yet? 

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