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Vistaprint Free Sample Kit: Business Cards, Postcards, Brochure

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Free stuff from Vistaprint for your business – If you’re a small business considering printing marketing materials, it might help to get samples in your hands before putting together an order. In fact, a number of online printing services offer free samples, including Vistaprint.

What Does the Vistaprint Free Sample Kit Include?

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Each Vistaprint business sample kit includes the following items printed with various paper stocks and finishes:

  • 4 Business cards
  • 2 Postcards (5 x 7 matte, 4.2 x 5.5 glossy)
  • 2 Brochures (Bi-fold, Tri-fold)
  • Presentation folder
  • Roll labels
  • Rack card
  • Door hanger

*Note: These free samples can’t be customized, as they are intended to demonstrate sizes, print quality, and paper stocks so that you make a better-informed decision about future orders.

*Learn more & request a free sample kit here!

I Requested a Vistaprint Free Sample Kit

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New: 500 Business Cards for $9.99?

It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve requested and received a free sample kit from Vistaprint. So, as you can see, they now offer different free samples than when I ordered them. If the contents of the free sample kit change again, I’ll update it on this page!

How Long Do Vistaprint’s Free Samples Take to Deliver?

When you request free samples, Vistaprint tells you that you should get them in two weeks. Personally, I got mine delivered in exactly 6 business days!

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