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vistaprint free business cards

Vistaprint Free Business Cards? Meh… Try 500 for $10 Instead!

vistaprint logo squareFree business cards promotion from vistaprint.com: For years Vistaprint offered 100-250 free economy business cards, but that promotion is now gone.

The good news is that they now offer a deal that’s actually better for 500 business cards for $10 + shipping for both the U.S. and Canada. First, here the top coupons for Vistaprint business cards:

Better Than free?Business Cards Promotions from Vistaprint:

  • -
    Standard business cards only $9.99 + shipping. Popular offer! 
  • -
    2018 Promo
    50% off standard, or 40% off Premium business cards! Get promo code:

*More deals for business cards: View all vistaprint coupons herenew

Vistaprint’s business cards were never really “free”

free business cards vistaprint

Apparently there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

“There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to enjoy something you have to pay for it.” – Charles Hall

Ah, well said, Charles, and such is the case with Vistaprint’s free business cards promo code. Not only did you get “economy” quality, but you also had to pay for shipping.

For years the free business cards offer was their signature promotion, and it really did wonders for their brand. The money they lost  giving away free business cards surely was a good investment, as those losses paid for future repeat customers.

But, times have changed, and they really don’t need to get their name out there at a loss any more. Not only to they give away fewer business cards for free (used to be 250), but now they are referred to as “economy” business cards. For years they also added their logo on the back of the card, which screamed, “cheap-o!”

Vistaprint’s logo on the back? Ouch! That’s not how most successful entrepreneurs get started. Maybe they would be good for your “economy” business, but who wants cheap-looking business cards, unless you are dropping them in a fish bowl to win a free lunch. (free lunch? That’s ironic!) Here’s a better idea:

2 Better Coupons: 500 (Standard) Business Cards for $10, or 40% Off Premium

When things are free, the quality usually suffers. If you don’t believe me, try going to the “free” admission day at the Baltimore Aquarium, (a crush of humanity) or try using match.com’s free membership. It’s usually a bad experience!

Now that you’ve given up on getting something for nothing, you have two great options:

*Even with most upgrades or premium printing, you can still get 500 business cards for under $25. That’s only 3-5¢ each!

Tip: Skip Vistaprint’s “free” business cards (and pay for nicer ones!)

sample free business card

Anyway, in this case you should gladly accept the up-sell you get on their site. skip the free cards and consider their 500 business cards for $10 deal. With shipping, it ends up being under $15 for 500 “standard” business cards. 

*You can read my review of the 500 for $10 deal here, or see coupons for Vistaprint Canada here.

Tip: You Can Request Free Business Card Samples

Looking to order a lot of business cards, (500+) but nervous about whether they’ll be exactly what you’re looking for?

If you are in no rush, you can also request a free sample kit from Vistaprint that includes both free signature business cards and free brilliant finish business cards, plus a number of other free items. There’s also no charge for delivery, so this might be the only real, “free business cards” option.

Business Cards Tip: Choose the Right Paper Stock!

Buying business cards? Make sure you choose the right paper stock to suit your business cards. Choose from Glossy, matte, linen, & recycled matte. Here’s a 1-minute video showing you these options:

Vistaprint’s “free” or economy business cards: limited design selection

Sample free business card

sample free business card

On top of being printed on thinner, 14pt. paper, the free business cards also give you very limited design options.

You’re also limited in options for upgrades for the free or economy business cards and can’t choose extras like rounded corners, or spot gloss. Do you still need reason’s to skip their free business cards promo? Actually, you might find a use for them in other creative ways. Like as tickets for an event or something. Or, maybe you print them for your kids’ lemonade stand?

Update: Well, Vistaprint no longer even offers a “free” option, which is actually a good thing. Go with the 500 for $10 promotion instead!

Apparently no one gives away 250 or 500 free business cards any more

I just searched for similar promotions, and there are no longer any printing companies that offer free business cards. Not even with a promo code.

I estimate Vistaprint must have lost $3-5 every time someone used their free business cards promotion, so it was purely an investment to get repeat customers. This is similar to the business model of buying printer ink and razor blades.

Anyway, skip the gratis business cards. If price is your main concern, here’s their promotion for 500 cards:
500 business cards promo

500 Business cards for $9.99

Well, no other printing services dare try to match this offer, so kudos to vistaprint.com for having such a long run where they actually delivered on their free business cards promo!

More coupons: Match.com: 7 days free | Shutterfly free delivery | Snapfish Free Shipping

vistaprint wedding free samples

Vistaprint Free Wedding Samples: 3 Invitations, Save the Dates

vistaprint logo squareRequest a free wedding sample kit from Vistaprint – You don’t choose a catering company for your wedding without trying the food, and you don’t pick out a location without visiting first, right? Viewing save the dates and wedding invitations online is great, but (like getting married!) this is a big decision. Consider getting free sample invites, save the dates, and more before placing an order at vistaprint.com:

vistaprint wedding free samples

Why Request a Wedding Free Wedding Sample Kit?

If you’re considering Vistaprint to handle any or all of your wedding printing, I suggest getting free samples first. When you hold them in your hands, you’ll really make an informed decision, and it can help you choose between options like finish and paper stock.

While previewing wedding invitations online gives you a good idea for how they will look, nothing beats having samples in your hand. How else can you make a good decision on which paper stock or finish you want?

Each wedding sample kit includes various printed items with different finishes and stocks, and they are printed on the back of each sample like this:

vistaprint free wedding invitations

What Does the Free Wedding Sample Kit Include?

  • 3 Free wedding invitations (various paper options)
  • RSVP card
  • Sample wedding reception menu
  • Sample envelopes
  • Free sample save the date postcard
  • Free save the date magnet
  • A Vistaprint wedding lookbook (photos of wedding ideas / inspiration)
  • A coupon towards your wedding order

The message on vistaprint.com tells you that shipping free samples takes two weeks, so if you are pressed for time, free samples might not be an option. Or, you could always have the save the dates printed first, then wait on your decision for invitations, etc.Before placing an order, be sure to use a coupon for their wedding invitations here.

How Long Does It Take to Get the Free Wedding Samples?

While Vistaprint quotes “2 weeks” for delivery, mine were shipped and arrived in only 6 business days. If you still have time on your hands and aren’t rushed to get your save the dates or invitations mailed, this is a great option. You can also request Vistaprint free sample business cards, postcards, and brochures.

vistaprint wedding free sample invites

Free Wedding Invitations & Free Save the Dates Offers Replaced

You might be familiar with Vistaprint’s famous free business cards, offer. They also used to offer 10 free save the dates or wedding invitations as well. All of their “free” products have been replaced with free samples for business and wedding. Those old offers didn’t include free shipping, (and only one product) so this is actually a better deal.

Maybe they also found that cheap people were requesting 5+ free sets of wedding invitations and then just sent them out to guests; never intending to actually place an order!


vistaprint free samples

Vistaprint Free Sample Kit: Business Cards, Postcards, Brochure

vistaprint logo blueFree stuff from Vistaprint for your business – If you’re a small business considering printing marketing materials,it might help to get samples in your hands before putting together an order. In fact, a number of online printing services offer free samples, including Vistaprint.

*Note: These samples can’t be customized, as they are intended to demonstrate sizes, print quality, and paper stocks so that you make a better informed decision about future orders.

More About their Free Stuff for Businesses

The most helpful thing about the marketing materials from Vistaprint is that on the back of each item you’ll see the paper stock and printing options including paper weight and finish like this:

vistaprint free postcard samples

So, They Replaced Their Free Business Cards Offer?

You might remember seeing Vistaprint’s famous offers for free business cards and other free stuff. Basically, you’d have to pay for shipping, and they would try to up-sell you on a number of items before you could checkout, and it was annoying.

They’ve decided it makes more sense to try to get ongoing customers who have a myriad of marketing needs like postcards & brochures, so this free sample kit for small businesses is a better solution. Also, unlike the previous offers it includes free shipping!

Here’s what the free sample business cards look like:

vistaprint free business card samples

New: Vistaprint 500 business cards for $9.99 or 100 economy business cards for $1.99 + shipping.

Free Postcards? I’m Interested!

The “10 free postcards” promotion is also extinct, (here’s their current coupon for postcards) but with this kit you get postcards of various sizes and finishes. In my free sample kit I got 5 postcards in various sizes, paper stock, and finishes. (see above)

Q: Can we mail these awesome free postcards to friends and family?
A: No, please don’t. That would be sad.

If you are ready to buy postcards, check out today’s coupon for postcards from Vistaprint

What Does Their Free Sample Kit Include?

vistaprint free stuff business
(click to view larger)

Free stuff?! Each business sample kit includes the following items printed with various paper stocks and finishes including:

  • 8 double-sided business cards (various paper stock, finish)
  • 4 standard postcards (glossy / matte finish)
  • 1 over-sized postcard
  • 1 free brochure
  • 20% off coupon

How Long Do Vistaprint’s Free Samples Take to Deliver?

When you request free samples, Vistaprint tells you that you should get them in two weeks. Personally, I got mine delivered in exactly 6 business days!