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Vistaprint Calendars Coupon: Up to 50% Off

Coupon for 50% Off Calendars at Vistaprint: Wall calendars with your favorite family photos are hugely popular as gifts around the holidays, but calendars can also be an effective and inexpensive marketing tool. Regardless of what kind of calendar you might print, use a coupon below for up to a 50% discount today!

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Cheap, quality photo calendars printed by Vistaprint: Use a Coupon for up to 30% Off!

wall calendar template vistaprintIf you’ve searched the web for the best cheap photo calendars, then you’ve probably found Vistaprint on a short list of discount custom printing companies to consider. While most people have these printed in December, there’s no need to wait for the holidays, as you can start these on any month that you wish. Although wall calendars are most popular, there are a number of formats and sizes including:

  • Wall calendars – Choose from design templates, or choose to have your photos fill the entire page. Each month can include its own background in the theme or design of your choice. Families can choose designs from categories like, holiday, birthday, or baby. Small businesses can search templates by industry including marketing & travel themes.
  • Desk Calendars – Great gift ideas for the working mom or dad. Choose photos for all 12 months plus one for the cover. Small businesses may wish to choose a theme like dogs or tropical beaches for giveaways to customers.
  • Magnet Calendars – An effective way to create repeat customers year-round, these magnetic calendars can incude your logo and phorto, or choose a stock photo to feature along with your company info
  • Pocket calendars – A popular printed giveaway idea, these little calendars can feature your company contact info. If your customers suffer blunt trauma to their head while carrying one of these, they will instantly remember what year it is, even if they can’t read the other tiny prints. (North Korean customers may be shocked to see what year it actually is)
  • Poster calendars – These calendars can be vertical or horizontally oriented, featuring up to 3 of your photos, and all months visible at once. These are handy for marking off important dates, especially if you are in prison

Creative ideas for personalized photo calendars from

Everyone knows that the grandparents love getting a calendar featuring photos of the family, but there are countless other reasons to make a photo calendar. Here a few:

  • Small business giveaways – Is your business located in a town or city? If you have a good digital camera, why not take some photos of landmarks in your town and feature them in a calendar? (add one to a magnet calendar?) Some ideas of what to photograph include historic buildings, lakes or streams, churches, or even unique doors. We live in a historic town with lots of recognizable options for this type of calendar, so it would be a great way for a local business to show that they care about the community.
  • Calendars: Organizations – If you are in the same organization or team year after year, this would be a great way to show highlights of the previous year, organized by month. They would also be a great fundraiser idea for Volunteer fire departments, schools, churches, Mosques or other local groups. (Just remember to never depict the Prophet Muhammad, or you might get beheaded with a scary curved sword!)
  • Restaurant Calendars – Have a professional photographer take photos of your best dishes, and feature one or more on a pocket or poster calendar to give away. Vistaprint lets you add fun reminders or special dates like “Taco Tuesday!”
  • Calendars: Family / Ancestors – If you have a big family, calendars would be a great gift idea, including everyone that you send them to in one or more photos. It’s also a great way to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries. You can even include nostalgic photos of ancestors, and note their dates of birth. Don’t forget to use a coupon!
  • Calendars for your college student(s) – When kids are at college, it’s great to have reminders of family. What a better way to remind them than with fun and memorable photos from throughout the year. Also, if any vomit were to splash on one of these calendars, it can easily be wiped away with a dry towel or athletic socks
  • Baby calendars – Feature a new photo of your baby every month. You’ll be amazed to see how much they change in one year, and comparing monthly photos will make it easier to tell if your baby is changing color. (Click above to apply promo code)
  • prison calendar vistaprint
    Prison Sentences
    – Vistaprint calendars are a great way to mark time spent in prison, especially if you are in solitary confinement. I assume that prisoners put a big red “X” over a date as soon as it passes, which is a lot easier than carving lines in the wall. *Note that if you are being held in a Turkish prison without windows, it will be hard to accurately keep track of days, so remember to ask the prison guard, “Bugünün tarihi nedir?” which means, “what is today’s date?” in Turkish.

Look for a coupon before placing any calendar order at

By default you’ll see pretty good prices at, but clicking on one of our links reveals a coupon that can give you up to an extra 50% discount. Many times the code is applied instantly as soon as you click, so that you won’t have to expend precious energy entering a promotional code that could be better used pulling the handle of a slot machine or muddling fresh mint for a delicious mojito.

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Vistaprint prints on just about anything, and some of their coupons are store-wide. New customers often are also eligible for free shipping in addition to a discount. Click here to see their latest promo codes!

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