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Amazing SEO Blog Post Titles: 7 Tips From Magazine Headlines (Hot!)

How to write awesome SEO blog post titles: Good content on the web is king, but first you need to get clicks. Just like going fishing you need bait, and that’s why writing catchy and attention-grabbing blog post titles is so important.

Click-through rate is also an important factor for ranking on sites like Google, so blog posts and pages with great headlines that get clicked are more likely to rank well over time.

So, where can you look for inspiration for writing killer post titles that get noticed on Google search results? Why, from the experts of course; I’m talking about the people who write tabloid magazine headlines!

SEO Tip: Write Your Blog Post Titles Like Magazine Headlines

write blog title tips cosmo

Sure, the writers for those celebrity gossip and fitness magazines in the checkout aisles at the supermarket are never going to win a Pulitzer Prize, but they do their job amazingly well.

Why is that? Well, consider that they only have a split second and a handful of words to get your attention when you’re walking past. Plus, look at all the competition around them; there’s dozens of other magazines as well as rows of candy, flowers, and other eye-catching stuff.

So, how do they do it? It all starts with writing effective headlines. Let’s look at these awesome and attention-grabbing headlines from the covers of popular magazines like Cosmopolitan and get inspired:

Tip #1: Ask a Question:

magazine seo writing tips

Questions are eye-catching and pique reader curiosity. It might make them try to answer the question in their head, and click through to your blog post to get the answer.

“Could You Be Guilty of Micro-Cheating? Could He?” 

Tip #2: Use a Number

gossip magazine seo headlines

I’m a big fan of using a number in a blog post title, especially for lists and tips. Not only do numbers catch your eye, but they also promise exact results like, “A Brand New Body In 28 Days,” and “10x Your Life: Get More Done, Waste Less Time,” or Amazing SEO Blog Post Titles: “7 Tips From Magazine Headlines.”

Tip #3: Explain “How To,” or a Secret “Hack”

cosmopolitan seo headline titles

People are always looking for easy solutions, hacks, tricks, or to learn something new like, “How to Get & Give Supreme Pleasure.” (back rub?)

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Tip #4: Use Power Words

mens health magazine headlines

Throw a power word or adjective in your headline. Examples of power words include: best, new, free, super, amazing, killer, insane, secret, red-hot, easy, power-packed, ultimate, great, more, brand-new, best-ever, simple, better, big, total, one-click, miracle-working, #1, quality, powerful, unlimited, guaranteed, special, tested, improved, immediately, limited, popular, useful, enormous, largest, unlock, now, hack, introducing, expert, advice, compare, easily, full, beautiful, just arrived, growth, latest, exciting, urgent, excellent, and unique.

Tip #5: Tease w/ Click Bait Titles!

best headline writing tips

Click-bait gets a bad rap because sometimes people go too far and outright lie. However, try to tease readers with something they just have to learn more about like, “What’s the “#1 thing women should never be ashamed of?” What are the “9 secret spots, and exactly how should you touch them?” What are the “6 signs he’ll bring it?” I need to click and find out!

Tip #6: Keep It Simple

seo headline writing tips

Less Is More, and headlines with 8-12 words seem to get the best click-through rate. Also, Google only displays up to 60 characters of a title tag and you don’t want your headline to get cut off, as that looks bad and reduces click-throughs. Look at these magazine headlines; it’s amazing at what you can say in just a few words. “KISS” – Keep it simple, stupid!

Tip #7: Fast & Easy Info

magazine headline writing seo

People have A.D.D. (attention deficit dis… look, a butterfly!) online, so don’t ask for a lot of their time. Include SEO words and phrases in your headlines that people are searching for, but don’t over-do it.

No need to promise a list of 100 when people can only wrap their head around 10. If you’re talking about health, think “15-Minute Workouts,” “7 Hot Body Secrets,” or a “10-Second Trick.” People are less likely to click on a Google search result if they fear potential information overload.

Also, don’t be afraid to use parenthesis or brackets if you need to clarify something, like:

  • Anxiety & Your Heart [What You Need to Know]
  • “Top 10 Fragrances That’ll Make You Frisky (Spritz, Then Slay!) 

If done properly, parenthesis and brackets can give headlines a more conversational and personal feel. Just be sure to use exclamation points sparingly, and never more than one.

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SEO Blog Post Titles & Headlines: Are You Inspired Yet? 

how write blog post titles

Wow, check out those potential blog post titles!

Well, hopefully you’re ready to rethink how you write webpage and blog post titles. Of course, also consider your audience, as each blog post title should be crafted specifically for the intended audience. Using words like “sexy” can be great when talking about abs, but maybe not for more conservative crowds.

Anyway, after you write your next blog post, take another look at these magazine covers, and come up with an attention-grabbing headline that will improve click-through rate and boost your SEO.


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Business Cards Tip | Selling Something? Use Product Shots!

Using product shots on your business cards: Do you sell unique products or have an Etsy store? If so, consider using high-quality, professional-looking product shots on your Vistaprint business cards.

Here’s are a couple inspiring examples of business cards that feature photos of actual products:

business cards with product shots vistaprint

High-quality product shots on business cards

vistaprint promoThere are hundreds of design templates and design ideas out there for business cards because there are so many uses for them in every industry imaginable.

They are a great little marketing tool, and you can get business cards for pennies each, especially when you use a coupon for

If you sell actual products, consider featuring product shots on your business cards. Make sure that the photos are high-resolution and really sharp. If you have a friend who is an amateur or professional photographer, ask her for help, and maybe pay her in wine! 

product shots on business cards vistaprint

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Product shots can really communicate your style and brand better than type or stock photography, and as they say, “a picture tells a thousand words.”

This would be a great idea for a number of home-based businesses, or people who sell jewelry, apparel, accessories, or handmade goods. If you have an Etsy shop, these kinds of business cards might be really effective.

Put website and social media info on the back

social media info business cards

social media info business cards

Not only are these business cards a good idea for networking and handing out in person, but you might even make sales just by leaving them around.

Anyone who sees beautiful or eye-catching products like these on business card might be inclined to pick one up and check out the website on their phone, or put a card in their pocket for later.

You can also consider printing matching products like vistaprint postcards or banners once you figure out the business card design.

If you sell your own products, you really need to invest time in social media getting fans, and updating them with new products and news.

Put a photo of your business cards on Instagram, and submit to Vistaprint!

Vistaprint highlights creative uses of their products every week, and they are seen by thousands of people. If you sell products nationally, this is a great way to get even more attention with the help of Vistaprint. That happens to be where I found these sample business cards, and I even checked out the website address on the back of the cards before featuring them on this site!

Skip Vistaprint’s cheapest options for business cards

Why go to the trouble of designing beautiful business cards only to print them on cheap paper like you’ll get with Vistaprint’s free business card promotion?

The quality of your business cards is a direct reflection of the quality of your products, so make sure you get sturdy, premium options, and consider upgrades like rounded corners, brilliant finishes, and premium cardstock.

*Want to actually feel the paper stock, and see the print-quality? You can request free samples from Vistaprint.

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The Power of Print Marketing: 7 Tips (Who Said Print Was Dead?)

7 Print Marketing Tips That Will Help You Crush It: Want to embark on a print marketing campaign? You made the right choice – and we’re here to make sure you absolutely kill it. Read on for get tips.

Are you a small business owner or campaign manager that wants to embark on a print marketing campaign, but you just don’t know where to start?

Is the idea of learning how to use Photoshop to make a brochure as appealing to you as a lobotomy?

Print marketing isn’t dead. It also isn’t even close to being obsolete. Print marketing is still a fantastic tool for improve your business and getting your name out there.

Print marketing isn’t as simple as one would think, however. It requires a bit of work (definitely more than a simple email campaign).

But it’s worth it. And we’re sharing all these awesome tips you need to help crush it with your campaign. Ready to dive in? Let’s do it.

print marketing tips

Seven Print Marketing Tips For Your Campaign

These tips will have you on your way to making the best print marketing plan ever.

  1. Tip: Keep The Design Professional

This is important. Design and visual appeal is everything for a print marketing campaign.

Think about it– have you ever received a flier taped to your door for a local restaurant with very unprofessional and visually unappealing design? It probably made you instinctively judge the establishment as cheap. Your credibility relies heavily on how you present your business in your marketing campaign.

Professional design does not mean costly design either. In fact, a professional designer can be less costly in the long run.

Finding a talented professional design is a fantastic choice for your small business print marketing campaign because their designs, due to their quality, won’t require constant redesigns.

A professional designer will work with you to figure out exactly what you want without sucking up your valuable time.

If you’re interested in finding professional help with printing companies and designers, there are many resources

2. Get Involved And Approach People

small business marketing tips

This may seem useless to some. Nothing makes you want to do a backflip into oncoming traffic like a guy making eye contact with an armful of flyers on the sidewalk coming towards you. Also, people notice well-designed posters!

Real talk– people don’t want to be bothered on the street. People also don’t like holding useless things. A lot of people don’t like reading useless things either.

However, you’re getting your marketing campaign into physical hands– that’s a big step. If you follow step one, then the visual appeal of your pamphlet or menu will get your potential customers interested after you’ve handed them the material.

When creating a handout material or business cards, try to avoid an obnoxious sales-driven pamphlet. Don’t go cheap or opt for those free business cards. This tends to be a turnoff and could lead to your flier being thrown in the nearest trashcan.

Provide useful informative content in your hand-given flyer that you would be interested in that leads back to your brand or business.

Try not to get discouraged if you’re rejected — some people are just in a hurry.

3. Tip: Brush Up On Print “Language”

print marketing cheap

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely a novice printer looking for some extra help.

Learning the language when it comes to print can make it much easier to clarify what you want. Don’t be afraid to ask your designer to walk you through weird designer terms that you don’t know–a good designer will be more than willing.

Check out resources that can walk you through the language, too. Learning before you schedule a consultation with a designer can make expressing yourself much quicker and clearer.

4. Tip: Learn The Basics Of Graphic Design

Even if you’re opting to rely on a pro to do the design work, it wouldn’t hurt to get a solid idea of what graphic design seeks to do in print marketing.

While it takes years and a good education to learn everything about graphic design, these facts can at least make you a little more well-rounded:

  • Keep the design simple and don’t assault viewers’ eyes with too much stimulation.
    Break up text and don’t use too much of it– you’re creating a pamphlet, not an instruction manual!
  • Use headers, dividers, and other sectioning tools to lead the eye where you want it to.
  • Use charts, graphs, and other visually stimulating informative tools rather than tables.
  • Use white space. It is more aesthetically pleasing and makes your print look much more inviting to read.
  • Caption your photos. Readers want to know what they’re looking at and a caption can be very inviting.

There are a number of great sites to design your own small business marketing materials like Vistaprint, and they always have coupons available, even for Canadian customers! A number of them offer free sample kits so you know what to expect before placing an order.

5. Tip: Ask For Testimonials for Your Small Business

Are you an already established business with some regular happy customers? Ask them for written testimonials and reviews to include in your print campaign.

Be sure to pick out your most satisfied customers, of course. Don’t use that firmly passive aggressive Yelp review from Susan for this one.

Use phrases like “What are other people saying about My Business?” and “Here’s what our happy customers have to say!” to draw attention to the testimonials.

Don’t fabricate these, either. Nobody likes a liar, and quite frankly, the average chimpanzee can spot a fake review with all of its weird enthusiasm and keywording from a mile away.

6. Idea: Focus on your audience

Pretty obvious, right? It’s really important to keep your target audience in mind when creating any kind of marketing campaign, not just print.

Brainstorming is the most in-depth you can get when fleshing out exactly who your customers are and what they want, but it also doesn’t hurt to make fairly minimal observations of your target audience.

For example, say you are a hip artsy coffee bar near a large college campus. Your audience is young college students that enjoy art and are likely art students.

Your design should reflect this, as should the content you provide in your print marketing campaign. For this demographic and business, you should keep the design of the pamphlet on the avant-garde or minimalist side. The content you include should be discount coupons for students or hours for your happy hour.

7. Idea: Press Releases Are Very Useful for Small Business!

online press release

A press release is an official statement that is issued to newspapers, websites, and other publications of interest that provide information on a particular thing.

When you release a new product or promotion, create a press release to send to local publications that may find interest in it.

If you can provide your business data in this press release that can prove a trend in your specific industry, industry publications will be very interested in it and will write about your business. There are a number of good press release / news release sites out there like PRWeb and

Start Printing!

Print marketing truly is far from dead. With these handy tips, you’ll crush your print marketing campaign and reel in those customers!

Do you have a print marketing tip or coupon to share that could help out a small business looking to start their own campaign? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a note in the comments!