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Amazing SEO Blog Post Titles: 7 Tips From Magazine Headlines (Hot!)

How to write awesome SEO blog post titles: Good content on the web is king, but first you need to get clicks. Just like going fishing you need bait, and that’s why writing catchy and attention-grabbing blog post titles is so important.

Click-through rate is also an important factor for ranking on sites like Google, so blog posts and pages with great headlines that get clicked are more likely to rank well over time.

So, where can you look for inspiration for writing killer post titles that get noticed on Google search results? Why, from the experts of course; I’m talking about the people who write tabloid magazine headlines!

SEO Tip: Write Your Blog Post Titles Like Magazine Headlines

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Sure, the writers for those celebrity gossip and fitness magazines in the checkout aisles at the supermarket are never going to win a Pulitzer Prize, but they do their job amazingly well.

Why is that? Well, consider that they only have a split second and a handful of words to get your attention when you’re walking past. Plus, look at all the competition around them; there’s dozens of other magazines as well as rows of candy, flowers, and other eye-catching stuff.

So, how do they do it? It all starts with writing effective headlines. Let’s look at these awesome and attention-grabbing headlines from the covers of popular magazines like Cosmopolitan and get inspired:

Tip #1: Ask a Question:

magazine seo writing tips

Questions are eye-catching and pique reader curiosity. It might make them try to answer the question in their head, and click through to your blog post to get the answer.

“Could You Be Guilty of Micro-Cheating? Could He?” 

Tip #2: Use a Number

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I’m a big fan of using a number in a blog post title, especially for lists and tips. Not only do numbers catch your eye, but they also promise exact results like, “A Brand New Body In 28 Days,” and “10x Your Life: Get More Done, Waste Less Time,” or Amazing SEO Blog Post Titles: “7 Tips From Magazine Headlines.”

Tip #3: Explain “How To,” or a Secret “Hack”

cosmopolitan seo headline titles

People are always looking for easy solutions, hacks, tricks, or to learn something new like, “How to Get & Give Supreme Pleasure.” (back rub?)

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Tip #4: Use Power Words

mens health magazine headlines

Throw a power word or adjective in your headline. Examples of power words include: best, new, free, super, amazing, killer, insane, secret, red-hot, easy, power-packed, ultimate, great, more, brand-new, best-ever, simple, better, big, total, one-click, miracle-working, #1, quality, powerful, unlimited, guaranteed, special, tested, improved, immediately, limited, popular, useful, enormous, largest, unlock, now, hack, introducing, expert, advice, compare, easily, full, beautiful, just arrived, growth, latest, exciting, urgent, excellent, and unique.

Tip #5: Tease w/ Click Bait Titles!

best headline writing tips

Click-bait gets a bad rap because sometimes people go too far and outright lie. However, try to tease readers with something they just have to learn more about like, “What’s the “#1 thing women should never be ashamed of?” What are the “9 secret spots, and exactly how should you touch them?” What are the “6 signs he’ll bring it?” I need to click and find out!

Tip #6: Keep It Simple

seo headline writing tips

Less Is More, and headlines with 8-12 words seem to get the best click-through rate. Also, Google only displays up to 60 characters of a title tag and you don’t want your headline to get cut off, as that looks bad and reduces click-throughs. Look at these magazine headlines; it’s amazing at what you can say in just a few words. “KISS” – Keep it simple, stupid!

Tip #7: Fast & Easy Info

magazine headline writing seo

People have A.D.D. (attention deficit dis… look, a butterfly!) online, so don’t ask for a lot of their time. Include SEO words and phrases in your headlines that people are searching for, but don’t over-do it.

No need to promise a list of 100 when people can only wrap their head around 10. If you’re talking about health, think “15-Minute Workouts,” “7 Hot Body Secrets,” or a “10-Second Trick.” People are less likely to click on a Google search result if they fear potential information overload.

Also, don’t be afraid to use parenthesis or brackets if you need to clarify something, like:

  • Anxiety & Your Heart [What You Need to Know]
  • “Top 10 Fragrances That’ll Make You Frisky (Spritz, Then Slay!) 

If done properly, parenthesis and brackets can give headlines a more conversational and personal feel. Just be sure to use exclamation points sparingly, and never more than one.

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SEO Blog Post Titles & Headlines: Are You Inspired Yet? 

how write blog post titles

Wow, check out those potential blog post titles!

Well, hopefully you’re ready to rethink how you write webpage and blog post titles. Of course, also consider your audience, as each blog post title should be crafted specifically for the intended audience. Using words like “sexy” can be great when talking about abs, but maybe not for more conservative crowds.

Anyway, after you write your next blog post, take another look at these magazine covers, and come up with an attention-grabbing headline that will improve click-through rate and boost your SEO.


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