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$5+ Custom Ink Voucher Codes, Coupons (That Work!) • 2021

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Custom Ink is the #1 site for screen printed t-shirts for organizations and groups. Actually, they print a lot more than just t-shirts, and have added dozens of other custom-printed products like hats, masks, and hoodies for your consideration.

Thinking of placing an order at We have codes for an extra $5 off your order right now. The best part is that (unlike those big coupon sites) our coupons and voucher codes actually work! Here are tips for saving money plus today’s best voucher codes and promotions.

Custom Ink: Voucher Codes | How to Save | Best Code? | Student Discount | Military Discount

Best Custom Ink Coupons, Voucher Codes:

Tip: Custom Ink orders with Free Shipping Take about 2 week to process and deliver. Need your order sooner? Rush shipping only takes 7 days but costs a lot!

4 Tips for Saving Money 🤑

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  1. Increase the Quantity: Items are screen-printed by hand, one color at a time. So, printing 50 shirts doesn’t require much more time and effort than printing 20. For this reason the price per piece drops as you increase the quantity
  2. Use Fewer Colors: Every color in your design requires a separate screen and raises the price of your order. For example, by using 2 colors instead of 3, the price of my order dropped 20%! Can you reduce the colors in your design? If so you’ll save big money.
  3. Don’t Procrastinate: Custom Ink ships your order free in 2-weeks unless you can’t wait. Rush shipping costs 10% of your order total and arrives in 7-days. Super-Rush shipping costs 25% of your order total and takes 3 days. If you are placing a $300+ order that’s a lot of money!
  4. Use a Coupon: Never place an order at without using a voucher code. While all orders ship free, using a code will give you an extra $5+ discount!

Speaking of coupons, here’s what you need to know about using Custom Ink voucher codes:

How to Use a Custom Ink Voucher Code:

Custom Ink has very reasonable prices on screen-printed shirts, great, and masks. The good news is that you can get free shipping plus an extra $5+ discount when you use a voucher code. Here’s how:

  1. Get today’s featured voucher code
  2. View your shopping cart
  3. Under order summary click have a voucher code and enter your code
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If the code is valid you’ll see an itemized discount like this:

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If you’d like to change or compare codes, just click, Edit Voucher Code and try another one.

Tip: Most of the voucher codes from coupon sites don’t work. That’s because many codes are for one use only! The best place to find a voucher code that works is on the promotion page at

Best month to find a voucher code? September is usually the best month for coupons, probably because it’s the start of the school year and before the holidays!

Best Voucher Code? (That Actually Works!)

The best custom ink voucher code now is for $5 off $100+. You may see a number of codes posted to coupon sites promising $10 off or even 20% off, but these codes don’t work!

Codes for more than $10-20 are generally issued specifically to customers by Custom Ink support, and are intended for one-time use only. While Custom Ink may decide to release a $10 code in the future, it’s been many months since they have.

Coupons with No minimum? There are currently no voucher codes for small orders, as a $100 minimum is always required.

Custom Ink Mask Coupons

Custom Ink has created a separate site for printed masks at Currently, they have a special, Buy 2 get 1 free. You can also save 10% when you signup with your email address. To do so, just wait on the homepage for 20 seconds, and you’ll get a pop-up like this:

custom ink mask for it coupon

To get a 10% discount, just visit the Mask For It and wait for the pop-up!

Custom Ink Student Discount?

Student Discount: Custom Ink doesn’t have a special discount for students, schools, or teachers, but does have hundreds of high quality graphics and templates to help you make awesome t-shirts for your school! High school students, college students, and students of life can use the featured $5 off code for an extra discount.

Military Discount?

Military Discount: While Custom Ink has an entire section of designs for Military & First Responders, they don’t advertise a special military discount. The best coupon for both military and civilians is currently this month’s $5 off code.

More coupons: We have some other great coupons for brands like Vistaprint!


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Organizing group orders takes time and can be hard. However, if you can avoid procrastinating you’ll save a lot of money on shipping. Plus, don’t ever place an order at without using a voucher code! It takes a few seconds and will save you $5 or more.

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