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Vistaprint Free Shipping, Deals, & Promotion Codes • 2019

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We have the best deals for Much more than just business cards, Vistaprint has become the top name in custom printing & small business marketing; from business cards, postcards, and brochures, to banners and posters. Enter a coupon code for up to 50% off and free shipping.

▸ 11 Best Vistaprint Coupons for March, 2019:

  • -
    Ends 4/01/19

    *Plus FREE shipping on $50+! Click to apply promo code:

  • -
    Ends 4/01/19

    (standard) 500 for $9.99, 1000 for $19.99, more. Apply promo code

  • -
    Ends 4/01/19

    Includes Signature, Premium, & Ultra-Thick. Get promo code

  • -
    March 2019

    Sale: Postcards, banners, business cards, etc.

  • -
    (25-40% off) Ends 4/01/19

    25% off $60+, 30% off $100+, 40% off $200+. Apply code:

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    Ends 4/01/19

    Site-wide, no minimum. View promotional code:

  • -
    Ends 4/01/19

    Site-wide, no minimum. Click to apply code to your cart:

  • -
    Ends 4/01/19

    Postcards, brochures, flyers, rack cards, menus, etc. Apply code

  • -
    Ends 4/01/19

    Personal or business secure bank checks. Get code:

  • -
    Ends 4/01/19

    All banners, signs, car magnets, yard signs, more. Apply code:

  • -
    Ends 4/01/19

    Basic or SignatureSoft t-shirts. Click to apply coupon:

  • -

    Plus a 20% discount with no minimum!

  • Maximum savings apply for all coupons. See site for more details.
  • New Vistaprint shipping times & cost here
  • Coupons for Vistaprint Canada here

*Tips for ordering & using coupons:

Tip #1: How to Get Free Shipping

Looking for free delivery at can be like chasing a rainbow unless you’re a new customer. Here are the potential ways to get free shipping:

  1. Orders over $50 ship free w/ coupon if you are a new customer (above)
  2. Free shipping w/ promo code is possible but rare. Vistaprint changes their featured promotion every few days, and sometimes the coupon includes free delivery
  3. Free shipping no minimum (any order) is not available among our Vistaprint coupons unless offered for a specific product, like wedding invitations or holiday cards

Remember, Vistaprint free shipping sounds great, but is it really the best deal for you? You can’t combine coupons, so pick the one that yields the best price on your order.

Tip #2: “Free” Delivery Is Slow… Can You Wait?

Ever hear the expression, “be careful what you wish for?” Maybe that’s true with Vistaprint’s free shipping, as you might not get your order on time.

Free shipping is always “economy” (8 business-day) speed, so you’ll need to decide whether you can wait. (view shipping times) If you need to get Holiday cards or Wedding Invitations, or birth announcements out soon, don’t cut it too close to the delivery date. Same goes if you’re an entrepreneur or small business ordering brochures or business cards for a marketing event.

*Note: I’ve used their free shipping 4-5 times, and I usually get my order in about 6 business days.

Tip #3: Compare 2+ Promotional Codes

compare vistaprint promo codes
Comparing vistaprint promo codes

Is the 40% off business cards coupon better than 20% off + free shipping deal? You might be surprised, so try more than one promo code at checkout. Here’s how to switch codes:

  1. Click, “have a promo code” at the top right
  2. You’ll get a box to try another code
  3. Compare your order totals from multiple codes for the best price!

Tip #4: Know Your Shipping Info

free delivery

How soon do you need your order? Vistaprint offers 4 shipping options:

  • Free: (Economy speed, see below) 
  • Economy: 8 business days
  • Standard: 5 business days
  • Express: 3 business days (expensive!) 

They also have a simple chart for calculating shipping costs based on your order total here.

Tip #2: Vistaprint Uses CMYK (Not RGB) 


Did you know there are two different color modes? It’s true, here’s the difference:

  1. CMYK: Uses combinations of Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and black (K) to create colors. Most common method for printing.
  2. RGB: Uses Red, Green, and Blue to create colors, most common for screen display

Vistaprint prints in CMYK color, so if you have a design, be sure to create and upload it in CMYK mode, or a color shift may occur.

Tip #5: Always Use a Design Template

vistaprint business cards template

There are a lot of negative reviews for Vistaprint out there that could have been easily avoided. A couple of common problems come from low-resolution photos and problems with alignment or bleed. Vista print makes design templates available for all of their products, which force you to work in 300dpi CMYK, and displays a safe margin area.

Tip #5: Request a Free Sample Kit (Shipped Free!) 

vistaprint free samples

You can get free samples from Vistaprint, and shipping is free, too. Each kit contains:

  • Free signature business cards
  • Brilliant finish business cards
  • Postcards
  • Bi-fold brochure
  • Letterhead template

Vistaprint also offers a free wedding sample kit which includes:

  • Wedding invitation, RSVP card, and envelope
  • Save the date card
  • Wedding program
  • Selection of paper stocks
  • An exclusive coupon for wedding invitations

Tip #5: Not Getting a 50% Discount? Wait for a Better Coupon or Deal

Using a Vistaprint promo code for only 20% off? Vistaprint changes their featured coupon every few days, so if you aren’t getting a good deal, consider waiting. They post their featured coupon on-site with several other deals here.

So, what’s the best coupon? Some of the best coupons I’ve seen include: free business cards, promo code 80 off, 20% off + free shipping for new customers, and 50% off marketing materials like banners, brochures, business cards, and invitations.

*New: WSJ $99 deal!

Tip #6: Thou Shalt Not Pay Retail! (Always Use a Vistaprint Coupon)

moses coupon

Rule #1 as a small business owner or entrepreneur is to stretch your marketing dollars whenever possible. In that spirit, know that simply typing in the “” URL will give you higher “retail” pricing on the site. So, it’s worth your time to take a minute to search for their latest deals before every order.

Whether you’re using a Vistaprint coupon towards holiday cards, postcards, checks, or wedding invitations, use one of the popular promotions and you’ll save up to 80% or get free shipping.